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April 2021

In our digital environment, business management includes many complex components. There are numerous tasks that need to be done simultaneously, including employee and project management. As a new business, you may not have the resources to hire more people or purchase a lot of digital business tools. We put together 12 free powerful tools that can make business management easier.

12 Tools to Run, Manage and Grow Your Business


Available through Gmail, Boomerang allows the user to schedule email blasts and organize their own email inbox. For example, say you’re drafting an email on Friday, but don’t want it to be forgotten in the weekend rush of emails. You can delay its sending so that the recipient gets it on Monday. At that time, they’re more likely to notice it and respond to it. 


Trello is like a virtual bulletin board. This application allows everyone on your team to see what everyone else is working on and what has been completed. Users can add comments and attachments, create checklists, assign due dates for projects, and update all tasks as they are completed. Trello is also available for mobile users so you can monitor progress while on the move.


Dropbox is an easy way for all team members to share and store photos, documents, spreadsheets, videos, and much more on desktop and mobile devices. Dropbox users can also add comments to the shared files, which saves time by eliminating the need to send another email.


IFTTT (If this, then that) is a productivity tool that helps organize routine tasks. The application enables automation of all your important online tasks. Specific actions will trigger certain events. For example, if you receive an email from a specific person, IFTTT can save that email to another application linked to one of your cloud-based services. 


Evernote allows you to note a great idea as soon as it comes to you, no matter where you are. You can list your thoughts and ideas immediately even if you are not in a convenient place or near your computer. This application syncs to all devices you may have so those great ideas are preserved. 


The Slack application allows you and your employees to communicate instantly. You can also share files and give feedback and comments using real-time messaging. You also have the ability to set your alerts, and let other users know if you are available to chat. Download the mobile app on iOS or Android so you can use it when out of the office. 

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools out there to help a small business improve its website performance. You can create reports on your website’s progress every month for easy tracking. The insights provided here can help you understand site visitors so they keep coming back to the website.

Hubspot CRM

HubSpot CRM will help your sales team work more efficiently with detailed histories of all interactions with prospects. Here, they can easily manage all data including email and calls in an organized way. This helps the sales team avoid redundancies with email or spending too much time on clients who are not interested.

Hubspot Marketing

HubSpot Marketing Free is a plugin available through WordPress that allows the user to receive insights on their visitors who fill out an online form on the website. You can see what social media platforms they use and what pages they visit. This information can come in handy when you’re planning your marketing strategy. 


If you want to save time and money, consider Manager.io for your small business accounting needs. Its features include bank reconciliation, expenses tracking, accounts receivable and payable, general ledgers, and billing and invoicing.


Hotjar allows the user to monitor all website visitors’ interactions including clicks and scrolling. The application then transforms this data into a visual representation or a ‘map’ of user activity. This allows you to see your users’ wants and help you improve your conversion rates by improving website design.


If you need to have your employees in several locations sign specific documents, HelloSign can help you do this. You can request signatures from up to 20 people all at once. All documents are SSL encrypted to ensure security. 

The employees who signed the document will receive a copy in their inbox. HelloSign is also integrated with many other applications that most organizations already use, including Gmail and Dropbox.

Get Help Growing Your Business

It can be overwhelming to manage everything when you first start up your business. Inner Works Pro can help you manage all your business tasks. We can help grow your business.  Contact us today.

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