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January 2021

If you’re looking to maintain your status as a successful online business, you must develop a system for providing your customers with your product in an easy and timely manner. Fortunately, the appropriate digital tool can help manage and monitor the many facets of your business concurrently.

Check out our list of some of the best online selling and ecommerce tools you can start implementing. 

What Should I Use to Sell Products Online?

Besides the sales, other important aspects of ecommerce are the ease of inventory control, artificial intelligence for trend tracking, and accounting programs to track revenue. Here are 13 of the most popular online retail platforms:


Shopify is one one of the biggest platforms where you can sell just about anything online. It contains amazing features, including easy setup, a credit card reader, order fulfillment, product reviews, discounts, gift cards, and 24/7 support. The platform has multiple apps available for all ecommerce needs.


BigCommerce has a reputation for building major online retail stores for big brands like Toyota and Payless. The tool features launch services such as data migration, solutions architecting, and an enterprise launch coach. The success services include technical and enterprise account management, education services, and an enterprise growth coach. The platform offers great support and robust integrations. 


Squarespace is optimal for small businesses. Here, you can design your company logo with the tool’s icon database. The setup includes a mobile app, developer platform, and site analytics. You also have thousands of stock images available to help sell your products. 


OpenCart has dedicated technical support for its users.The platform also helps your website with search engine optimization to grow your customer base. The marketplace includes over 13,000 modules and themes for your use. Opencart is also a completely free ecommerce platform. 


Volusion is one of the top platforms for online sales of products and services. Its features include marketing, analytics, and optimization tools. You can also pick a theme to custom design your site. To date, $26 billion in product sales have occurred on sites built with Volusion. 


For startups, Yo!Kart is a good platform for establishing large B2B marketplace setups. They offer one year of free tech support to assist the startups to get up and running. This platform has also been featured in such business publications as Forbes, Business Reporter, Inc. and The Telegraph. 


3dcart is a platform that is great with anything involving ecommerce. Here, you can build your online store with all-in-one software that has a multitude of apps available. You can choose from over 100 supported payment processors, 50 free themes, and get an online store that is already search engine optimized.


Magento is used by big commerce companies, such as Coca Cola and Burger King. Services include B2B, small business, global expansion, mobile commerce, and digital transformation.This open source ecommerce platform has extreme flexibility and customization. 


Selz is a good tool for new businesses. It enables the user to market their business through social media campaigns on Facebook and Google. The tools are easy to use, and there are no monthly fees. You must, however, pay a small fee per transaction. 


For WordPress users, WooCommerce has many plugins and integrations available to set up your own customizable ecommerce website. On this site, you can offer your customers flexible and secure payments with available integrations such as Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and Apple Pay.


LimeSpot uses artificial intelligence to drive more sales to your business. The system provides customer recommendations, and will help you with upselling and cross selling. The platform can be integrated with other ecommerce platforms such as Shopify and BigCommerce. With every click that your customers make, the AI then accurately recommends products to the consumer. 


Amazon is a platform for everything and anything retail. The number one ecommerce site in the United States features cutting-edge technology such as one-hour drone delivery. If you want to base your online store with a platform that has an overall great reputation and longevity, Amazon is the way to go.

Social Media

Many social media platforms are now providing ecommerce services. These include:

  • Shoppable Instagram
  • Facebook Shop
  • Pinterest Buyable Pins
  • Snapchat

These social media sites make purchasing a product as simple as clicking on a photo of the item desired and getting connected to the ecommerce site. This trend is showing exceptional growth as users logging into various social media sites are now in the billions every month. 

Consult with Inner Works Pro

What will be the best ecommerce platform for your online business? Our team considers many factors of your business in determining the best online tools, like your client demographic and the types of items you sell. Contact us to learn more about the best ecommerce tool for your business needs and how to get set up.

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