Inner Works Pro

August 2021

Be Unique

In today’s business market, it is increasingly difficult to make yourself stand out from the crowd. However, there are still many ways that you can present yourself in a unique way. For instance, you can create a signature greeting that makes others remember you. Use this greeting both online and in person. 

Here are a few more ways to separate yourself from the competition.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Find something to leverage your personality so you don’t become part of the crowd. Do a little research and gain some competitive intelligence to help you get that edge above the rest in your field. 

While you are speaking to someone new, find something unusual about you to work into the conversation. For instance, do you have some cute little quirk or an interesting anecdote to share? If you bring something to the table that makes you stand out, you have a better chance of people remembering you. 

Another way to make yourself stand out is to demonstrate passion for each person you meet. Selling is usually an activity that is best at a one-to-one level. People love it when they feel a new connection demonstrates passion and care for them. 

Another example is for your profile photos, try to vary the image from the norm. It could be something as small as a different background color for your photo to add extra contrast to make your photo pop. (Don’t forget to have the same photo on all your channels for social media consistency.)

Always Demonstrate Integrity

Make sure that you carry yourself with the utmost integrity at all times. Some, in an effort to stand out, may use shocking or even vulgar language to get attention. This is simply foolish. Sure, people may remember you, but it will be in a negative way. Conduct yourself with a relaxed demeanor and articulate language. 

Remember that your results begin and end with you. You have to first begin to see yourself differently to be different in the eyes of others. You must make a difference and give the customer a reason to buy from you. When you stand out from competitors, you are giving them a reason to refer your company to others. 

In today’s tough business climate, your company needs an edge above the competition. Inner Works Pro builds companies that matter. We can help grow your business. Contact us today.