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March 2022

Business and environmental sustainability go hand-in-hand today. To get ahead in e-commerce today, you must join in sustainable business practices. If you are unsure how sustainability is good for business, we have come up with an effective brand management strategy that can promote your vegan and/or cruelty-free brand. Below is a list of the best sustainability business ideas.

5 Best Vegan and Cruelty-Free Brand Ideas

Vegan Food and Beverages

The possibilities are endless with marketing vegan food and beverages online. There are two types of vegan food businesses: one is in hospitality such as a restaurant, and the other is marketing a vegan food product to sell online or on store shelves. Examples of vegan food and beverage business include:

  • Vegan bakery
  • Vegan-friendly bar
  • Vegan pet treats
  • Vegan sushi restaurant
  • Local vegan wine

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Vegan Services

One overlooked aspect of a vegan business is through service. When consumers work with a service provider with shared values — in this case, vegan values —  this can help foster a judgment-free environment. They will know that you understand a core part of their business ethics and motivation. Some examples of e-commerce vegan services include:

  • Accounting for online vegan businesses
  • Social media manager for vegan business
  • A beauty salon that uses and sells only vegan-riendly products
  • Content writing services to build your vegan business profile

Vegan Media

You can educate the masses on the vegan lifestyle using media. It can be anything in the mass media including a book, a speech, a documentary, or a short video. You can also use the various media available today to promote your vegan business and monetize it through affiliates and online advertising. The possibilities are limitless with media. Some examples of vegan-friendly media platforms include:

  • A vegan chef platform
  • YouTube educational videos about the vegan lifestyle
  • A vegan wedding blog that promotes ethical wedding brands and services
  • Original vegan-themed content on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Apple, and HBO

Vegan Tech Business

There are even burgeoning vegan tech businesses out there making their mark in the e-commerce world. There are numerous ways to mesh vegan products with technology. These include:

  • An application that facilitates vegan food delivery
  • A dating app for vegan people
  • Provide vegan materials to different industries through an app

Vegan Cosmetics and Beauty Products

Cosmetics have always been big business. Now, the vegan segment of this massive industry is growing, as well. Experts predict that by 2027, the market for vegan cosmetics will earn an estimated $27 billion. Today’s consumers want cruelty-free products that are sustainable. These various beauty products are organic but do not compromise on the quality of the product.

One large benefit of sustainable beauty products is that their consumption makes for repeat customers. If your customers are happy with your product and they are aware that it is good for the environment and cruelty-free on top of it, this will lead to loyalty. And you know that loyalty leads to increased brand awareness, which leads to increased sales, and so on.

Inner Works Pro can help grow your business with its many branding services. We can help you become one of the businesses that are good for the environment and other natural resources. Contact us today so you can begin your journey as an environmentally friendly business.

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