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October 2021

One of the biggest challenges that new businesses have is launching a dynamic website that will attract users. Your website development is more than just the user experience (UX). The web design also has to be more than just the visuals. The website owner has a specific goal for the site, such as converting visitors. The web designer now has to think of a way that will lead to conversion.

The majority of business websites today are launched with the sole purpose of converting visitors from passive viewing to active participants. It does not matter what your ultimate goal is, whether it be selling your product or service or generating leads.

Web designers need to create a responsive web design that has the content appealing in a way that will attract these new leads and convert them, as well.

How to Create a Web Page Design That Increases Conversion

Lose ‘Dummy’ Text

Some web designers create a web design and use Lorem Ipsum “dummy” text to fill in gaps on the site. This tactic is counterproductive concerning conversion. Your content needs to come before the design and will determine what the design will be. To put it simply, if your website has great content, that is what will ultimately bring in the leads. Web designer Jeffrey Zeldman stated, “Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

The Sitemap Comes Before The Website

An excellent sitemap is one of the best ways to begin a responsive website. Your sitemap can be an outline of your web design. The sitemap can determine what content you need and where it belongs on your website. It erases the possibility of disorganized design and navigation because it enables you to see where your content needs to be so you can add internal links to information without any duplication of content.

Include a Definite Call-to-Action

A call-to-action (CTA) is one of the most crucial elements for website conversion. A CTA is something on your website that gets users to act. Make sure that your CTA is clear and easy to understand. For example, you can have a window pop up on your site as soon as new users open your homepage for them to sign up for email alerts, newsletters, or anything else that may work to increase your conversion rate. Your CTA can also be a button, a helpful link, or anything else compelling enough to provoke action from users.

Keep Your Headings Interesting

Make sure to have interesting and compelling heading and headlines on your site. Past research has shown that a website has approximately eight seconds to capture a new visitor’s attention before they go elsewhere. This is referred to as a “bounce” rate. This is when a user loses interest due to short attention spans and leaves your site. The challenge is to write compelling headings to draw the users in to stay on your website long enough to convert.

Use Images to Attract and Keep Interest

Your images and visuals are another way to capture those leads and convert them. You need to choose your images and visuals well and check to make sure they look appealing on all formats — especially mobile users. What looks great on a desktop or laptop while designing may not look as appealing when viewed from a mobile device. In other words, consider all viewer scenarios when building your website, then check the site appearance on a mobile device and adjust accordingly.

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