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February 2021

You have started your business, created a website, gained some clients and achieved some of your goals. What do you do next? Now you need to get the attention of consumers. Your new business needs to be showcased in front of the right people in order for it to grow.

Below is a list of five ways to showcase your work online.

Gather Testimonials from Clients

One of the best ways to showcase your new business is to ask your satisfied customers for testimonials. The majority of your satisfied customers would be very happy to give a testimonial on your behalf. You can do this with either written or video testimonials from clients since both formats have a great impact in driving traffic to your website. This, of course, can lead to new clients based on these positive reviews. 

Create a Portfolio

You can create a portfolio to showcase on your website. You can also use a portfolio site like Behance or Carbonmade where you can create beautiful temples for your work. You can display samples of work and business information that is easy to find for the user. Depending on your business type, you can showcase your work in different ways. If you are in corporate you can showcase through programs like Powerpoint, or if you are in the creative field, samples of your work can be on display for potential new clients to view. 

Include A Case Study

Here you can write an example of how your business successfully helped a customer with a product or service. For instance, if you had a customer that was unsure of how your product or service could benefit their interest, you can explain in detail the exceptional service that your business had provided in order to persuade them to follow through with purchase. Did your company have a huge obstacle or challenge it had to overcome in order to get the job done? If so, let the world know how your business resolved the issue. 

Make a Video

One of the best ways to generate a larger percent of website search traffic is through online videos. A video can help introduce you and some of the key players in your company and help them get an idea of what kind of vibe your business has. You can have a narrative approach to your video where someone is like a news reporter and explains a current project you may be working on. You could also do something as simple as a video slideshow that details your work. The important thing is add appropriate tags for your video so that it will appear in searches. 

Use Established Social Media Platforms to Showcase Your Work

There are numerous social media platforms out there to showcase your business and the work you do. Below are some of the most popular. 

Linkedin is one of the best websites out there to showcase your business and the work you do. Here you can publish articles about your business and its accomplishments and interact with other similar business owners to exchange ideas. On Linkedin you have the ability to update different types of files on your profile. Here your connections can see examples of your work when they visit your profile page. On the site you can create a business and personal profile that can overlap with your posts. 

On YouTube you can create a channel for your business. You can display numerous videos that detail every aspect of your business. Videos on YouTube can also give potential customers a feel of the personality of your business and its people. Also, if you have a Google account, it is easier for these videos to come up in Google search rankings. 

If your business involves the visual arts of any kind the social network DeviantArt is the perfect platform for showcasing. Here artists such as photographers, digital artists, animators and even writers can interact in groups and share their work. Another useful feature on this platform is the ability to buy and sell the work directly through the site. 

Pinterest is another site online that is great to showcase your portfolio. The photo based site is currently the fourth most popular social media site in the United States. It is also growing worldwide where from 2018 to 2019 the monthly active users increased from 171 million to 235 million. You can create a business account with Pinterest and use it as a visual search engine to drive traffic to your site. 

It is important that once your business has achieved some accomplishments that you showcase them. When you increase the traffic to your business website that leads to increased sales and productivity. Innerworks Pro can help you with every step in starting, growing and showcasing your business. Contact us to get started today.

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