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Inner Works Pro

September 2021

Automation software is a vital tool for successful business management. If you are unsure what benefits automation software would bring to your business, read on to learn about the ways that automation can save time and money.

Ways Automation Can Save Your Business Time and Money

Organized Database

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System can be overwhelming when keeping your leads tidy and up-to-date. Maintaining a CRM can seem like an impossible scenario, unless someone in your company is designated for data cleansing. 

If set up the right way, your CRM can greatly benefit your company. The CRM will automatically update all information provided by the leads themselves, as their interactions with your digital marketing provide the data. Every action taken by the lead is tracked in the CRM record, where your sales representatives can see their interests and actions. The automation then sends marketing emails and campaigns to lists automatically from the most up-to-date information.

Lead Generation and Prioritization

Marketing automation allows the user to set up parameters that will automatically update information on your new lead. This helps your marketing team to send the correct information to the appropriate person at the right time. In turn, this enables the marketing team to prioritize the lead in terms of hot and cold leads.

Increased Productivity

One huge advantage of using automation is the ability to run full-scale campaigns, even with a small marketing team. Once your campaign is set up and ready to go, these campaigns will run on their own. Besides regular monitoring and occasional tweaks, your automated marketing campaign will be hands-off. 

In turn, your marketing team will be able to use the data gathered by the automation to make its future sales calls more successful and increase customer satisfaction.

Increase Revenue

Marketing automation can help increase overall revenue and size of the deal. This automation type enables the user to perform client cross-selling and upselling, and the ability to connect customers to a specific product. Then, the automation can send relevant products and services to the customer with a personal touch. Over time this leads to an increase in long-term customer value because the customer continues to receive this relevant information post-purchase.

Identifies Roadblocks

Automation provides a level of reporting data that was previously unattainable. This allows for fast identification of any roadblocks in marketing and sales. For instance, your website has many leads but none are being converted to sales. Automation can help you determine the reasons why leads are not converting to sales. When you have the relevant data, you can tweak your marketing campaign to convert the leads and close the deals.

Great Social Media Management

Automation can help grow your business exponentially with social media development. The automation allows you to schedule posts to multiple social media accounts simultaneously. Your social media is embedded within the same platform as your digital marketing. This gives the user the ability to track leads and determine the value of each social media channel. 

Need a little help with integrating these automation tools? Inner Works Pro has many business consulting and business management services available. We can help grow your business. Contact us today to get started.

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