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September 2022

In today’s highly competitive world, you need to make your business stand out. One great way to increase your conversion rate is through email marketing that resonates with your audience. There are many little things you can do with your email marketing tools that can give you the edge to help you reach your business goals. In this article, we will tell you about some creative ways you can grab the attention of your audience through email marketing.

7 Creative Ways to Grow Your Business Through Email Marketing

Share A Call-To-Action Email Link in Your Bio

When prospective clients, you want to grab their attention and make them convert. A great way to do this is to share intriguing posts that have a Call-to-Action (CTA) email link in your bio. You can post an item such as a giveaway, and users can enter by clicking the link and submitting their email addresses. You can also post videos about your product or service and entice users to sign up via the provided link with their email addresses.

Create A Free Resource Tool Online

Consumers enjoy free resources. They especially like anything that will make their lives easier. There are many online tools out there that are completely free. For example, if your business is in health and fitness, you can add a BMI tool where users can add their height and weight and receive their body mass index. You can set it up where your user will have to provide an email address so they can use your resource.

Add Headers and Images

You can make your brand stand out when you add headers and images to your email newsletters. You can get more leads by adding a link to your landing page in your channel header. Choose an eye-catching image and place it in the center of your profile. Your images should point out your intriguing content, which places the email call-to-action in plain sight.

Use Buyer Personas to Segment Your Email List

Consumers are very likely to click on a link if the content resonates with them. Therefore, you may have to create a few buyer personas and create content that is targeted just for them. If you create many targeted subscriber types, you can significantly increase the chances of user subscriptions. Marketers that know how to follow business trends used this method noted an increase in revenue of as much as an astonishing 760%!

Add an Opt-In Link to Old Email Lists and Employee Signatures

Do you have a stale email list that does not have much action recently? A way to refresh these old contacts is to give the user a reason to re-opt. You can do this simply by writing an engaging opt-in message in your email and giving them a chance to sign up again. Make sure that you also let the users know that if they don’t re-opt, they will be removed from the mailing list.

If you have customers already involved in your business and your team members, you can also sign them up with employee signature hyperlinks. When you hyperlink email signatures, it can lead people to your landing page. Since the user is already engaged in email communication with your company, email opt-ins are the best next step.

Use Pinterest to Draw Them In Visually

Pinterest has been a great platform to grow your business. Many businesses use the fantastic visual content on the platform to entice potential customers to sign up. If you promote gated visual content on Pinterest, it can make users more eager to learn more about your product. The user will then eagerly submit their email address to get the information they seek.

Share Newsletter Previews on Social Media Profiles

You can practice wonderful social media management when you post a sneak peek of your email newsletter on social media platforms such as LinkedIn. You can post a segment or a preview of your content on the platform and make your users aware of it through the post. Let your users know if they sign up (and provide your email address), they will be able to see the entire post, plus every newsletter moving forward.

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