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July 2022

Creating a brand identity on social media can be quite challenging and time-consuming. The best way to go about this process is to plan your brand strategy beforehand and then launch your social media campaign. In this article, we will tell you how to build your brand through social media.

7 Steps to Building Your Brand on Social Media

Investigate Your Current Social Media Presence

To move your business forward with social media, take some time to evaluate where you already are. Some places you will need to analyze your social media presence include:

  • which platforms where you are the most active
  • which social media platforms bring the most value to your business
  • how do your social media profiles compare to your competitors’

Create a Customer Profile

The next step is to create a customer profile. Identify your target audience and discover their demographics such as age, income, interests, and—most importantly—which social media platforms they frequent the most. Once you know where your audience is when going mobile, you will be able to get your content and your brand in front of them.

Creating a Brand Identity with A Biography/Mission Statement

This is the first step in how to create brand consistency. This mission statement will dictate all your future actions on social media. It would be a great idea to think about this statement and be clear on exactly how you are going to use your social media presence. Also, keep your target audience in mind when you create this statement as well since you would want the statement to reach out to them, too.

Monitor the Metrics

You can always determine if your efforts on social media are working by measuring the metrics. Some metrics you may want to analyze include:

  • conversion rates
  • sentiment
  • brand mentions
  • brand mentions

Create Awesome Content to Draw Them In

Another great way to build your digital identity is through intriguing content. Now that you have discovered who your target audience is and which platforms they use, create content that will keep them following you. You can do nearly anything to get interest flowing such as conducting interviews and sharing company news, informational videos, and blog posts. Share all this content on all valuable social media channels for your brand.

Use Social Media Management Tools

There are a few social media management tools that you can use to boost your productivity. One of the best benefits of using this tool is that it gives you the ability to create a content calendar and schedule posts ahead of time for when your audience is likely to see them. Some noteworthy social media management tools include tools from Hootsuite, Buffer, and Sprout Social.

Trial and Errors: Analyze it All

The last step in this process is to analyze all data and rely on trial and error. This means you need to carefully analyze your website metrics and discover what is working and what is not. Take note of what posts got the most engagement, and what the high engagement posts have in common. Compare that to your content that did not do as well. This is how you can optimize your content and tweak it, based on the data you receive.

Inner Works Pro can assist you with all your brand management and social media management needs. Contact one of our experts to arrange for your business assessment today.

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