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March 2021

Setting attainable goals is a great benefit for a new business. To meet those goals, many online businesses utilize digital tools for everyday practices. They can be a great help for keeping operations running smoothly. After you create some specific and relevant goals for your business, check out some of the best tools to keep you on track.

Why Set Business Goals?

When you create goals for your business, you can monitor your progress more efficiently. You can track such things as generating leads, conversion rates, and increasing sales. The first step you need to take is making your list of goals. When you have a tangible list of what you want to achieve, it’s much easier to accomplish them. Setting goals and aligning your actions to them is a great method to grow your business. 

9 Digital Tools for Meeting Your Business Goals

We have gathered a list of digital tools that can help you organize, prioritize, and meet your business goals. Each of these tools has a different format in the application for goal achievement. Take a look at some of the features these tools have to offer and see if they are compatible with your business model. 

Move Mountains

If you are interested in a platform that offers motivational courses, consider Move Mountains. This platform is great for people who thrive when they attend group events that offer consulting and support. It offers coaching and other forms of support to help business owners achieve their goals.

Habit List

This unique application helps you develop habits that will contribute to you achieving your goals. Habit List uses reminders and app badges to keep you on track. You can view your progress on bar graphs in weekly or monthly timeframes. However, this app is only available on iPhones. 


Stikk uses accountability as a means to help you achieve your goals. You can easily set, track, and  prioritize goals here. If the goal is not met at the designated time, users are expected to donate money. This provides the incentive needed to complete the goal in time. The application also features videos called “Commitment Stories” to help inspire users to meet their goals. 


Goalscape provides the user with the ability to prioritize certain aspects of their goals. This detailed interface makes it easy to see what tasks need to be done. Goalscape for business provides a visual roadmap for individuals and teams to set long term goals and track the progress. The application helps a business save time and money by increasing motivation and making meetings more productive.


The best platform for setting SMART goals is Lifetick. Here, you can set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Large corporations and small businesses have been using this formula for years. It’s one of the best applications for those who are not sure what their objectives are, because it helps them discover their core values and enables them to set their goals. 

Milestone Planner

Milestone Planner streamlines all tasks for setting and tracking goals. You can also use Milestone Planner to create reports to help you see if you are meeting your deadlines. This platform has many different plans including Professional edition, Team edition, Business edition, and Enterprise edition. The price range depends on whether you’re signing up as an individual user or an entire team. 

Goal Buddy

Goal Buddy also uses the SMART goals system to help you create and track the progress on your business goals. This app helps you stay focused on your goals while you grow your business. It allows the user to track his or her progress on the set goals. Goal Buddy is available for free. 


Todoist allows users to set small goals that can lead to bigger ones. This app helps its users feel more in control of their goals, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed. You can easily organize and prioritize all your projects and the tasks involved. You can also link Todoist with many other applications including Dropbox, Trello, Google Chrome, Slack, and Gmail. Starting at $3 a month, you can subscribe to Todoist Premium for more personal features for task management. 


Basecamp is a Google-based platform that enables its users to set milestones, deadlines, and task lists. It prides itself as being the “all-in-one toolkit for working remotely”.Your business team can use Basecamp from the web or mobile app, available on iOS or Android.  Anyone with a Gmail account can use Basecamp free of charge.

Get Help Managing Your Business Goals

Starting any type of new business is challenging, and selecting the right digital tools to help you meet your goals can be a daunting task. Contact the experts at Inner Works Pro to help you with this process.

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