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June 2022

Geometric shapes are a collection of shapes that are used to create a cohesive web page design. This popular graphic design element has many possibilities for great website development if you can understand how they work. If you are unsure how to incorporate geometric shapes into your design, we can help. Read on to learn all about these geometric shapes and how they can enhance your graphic design.

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Geometric Shape Psychology

Geometric shapes evoke different emotions and meanings to web users. The most common geometric shapes are circles, triangles, squares, hexagons, rhombuses, and rectangles. Each of the respective shapes invokes a certain feeling or meaning.

  • Rectangles and Squares represent tradition and balance.
  • Circles evoke protection, infinity, and even femininity.
  • Triangles represent aggression, energy, and stability.
  • Hexagons are a symbol of balance and unity.
  • The Rhombus represents vibrancy and is contemporary.

If you combine some of these shapes in different ways, you can create new meanings. For example, if you combine rectangles and triangles into your web page design, it can emphasize a return to tradition.

Popular Geometric Design Patterns for 2022

We have listed below the popular geometric design patterns for this year, plus a brief description of each design.

  • Combining Patterns and Photos

    You can incorporate geometric patterns with your website photos to create intriguing content. Web designers can take a few photos and paste them into these shapes. This gives your images more pizazz than if they were simply displayed alone.

  • Connecting Shapes in Intriguing Ways

    You can connect your shapes in many different ways to create new and intriguing effects. One way to do this is to create a flowing image by connecting the geometric shapes.

  • Collages

    Collages guide viewers and make the pattern easy on the user’s eyes. For example, you can use the diamond shape in many various sizes, and connect them by their sides.

  • Isometric Patterns

    These three-dimensional patterns can make an image stand out. For example, you can use bold colors to create an illusion that the shapes stand out from the webpage. You can use this to draw attention to any specific content on your site.

  • Patterns Created with Font

    You can also use your fonts to create geometric patterns. An example of this is to use hard lines and triangles to create an edgy effect. When you create patterns this way, it can become a great brand management tool, as it can help define the tone for your brand.

  • Diagonals

    These shapes make it easy for the user’s eyes to follow along with a cohesive design. You can use these diagonal patterns to create a beautiful combination of images and colors.

  • Themes

    When your patterns relate to each other it creates an intriguing theme. This is   when all your images have a connection through similar colors and patterns.

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