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July 2022

In the last few years, there has been a surge in the popularity of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tools in social media marketing. There are several tools currently available on the market that are useful in promoting your business or brand on social media. Learn about these helpful tools and their future in social media.

7 Steps to Building Your Brand on Social Media

AR on Social Media

Augmented reality is currently thriving on social media. This new technology is making it easier than ever to blend reality with the digital world.

Popular AR Tools

  • Snapchat has many AR features. On average, an active user on Snapchat interacts with the platform an average of 30 times a day. The AR features include special effects, filters, 3D effects, animation, and even custom landmarks.
  • Facebook is a hub for AR advertising campaigns and games. For ad campaigns, Facebook has features such as filters, workflow, the ability to build effects, product demonstrations, and examples. On the Facebook Messenger application, you will find a plethora of AR games such as Asteroids Attack that can bring brand awareness to your business.
  • Instagram uses AR to unlock an unlimited amount of creativity. This platform allows your brand to stand out by incorporating AR effects into Instagram stories. The incredible AR features with Instagram include target tracking to adjust images and Native Slider to make fine adjustments to details in the images.

Virtual Reality and Its Connection with Social Media

Social media and virtual reality technology seem to have been made for each other. This tool makes it incredibly easy for people around the globe to meet together and share experiences.

Popular VR Tools

  • AltspaceVR allows users to host their own virtual events with major VR headsets. You can also add many features to your virtual event to make it memorable such as images, slide presentations, 3D effects, and much more.
  • Bean VR recreates social media experiences in virtual rooms. In these rooms, participants can play games, have private experiences, participate in live events, or view presentations.
  • Couch is a unique application because it allows users to watch YouTube and other entertainment with other users virtually. The platform has many other experiences available including gaming and fitness applications like FitXR and Creed VR.

The Future of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with Social Media

Marketing experts predict that the AR market will have as many as 3.5 billion users this year. According to a 2021 report, the social virtual reality market is expected to grow by nearly 15%. It seems these two technologies are gaining momentum in popularity and will be around for many years to come. The best advice to grow your business is to incorporate these AR and VR into your marketing campaigns.

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