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June 2021

When you manage an online business, you need to have all the relevant data organized and accessible to you, however and whenever you need it. The best way to do this is to employ a data management tool. To help you find the one that fits your business and save you time searching online, we have gathered a list of some of the best data management tools available today.

Best Data Management Tools to Help Reach Your Business Goals

10 Best Data Management Tools for Online Business

Keep your data safe with Backup. The application works with many systems including servers, documents, Microsoft 365, and workstations. You can manage all this in a private cloud from one dashboard; no hardware needed. There are also a variety of recovery options available with Backup, including continuous recovery and virtual recovery. 

Funnel allows users to gather data from more than 500 sources and funnels it into meaningful, business-ready data sets. You can then send this reorganized data to another destination, such as a visualization tool. This function enables the user to make better and faster business decisions. 

TeamDesk enables users to create an easily accessible and customizable data source. The setup is easy, too. Users can select a preconfigured application from the TeamDesk library, or they can create their own application. The application’s interface has two parts. The regular users have an application setting that is tailored to their role, and the setup part is for application administrators who oversee all customization operations. TeamDesk also features unlimited records, storage, and support. 

For sales and marketing data management, Echobot is a great cloud-based solution. The application monitors social media, news, and websites to help your business gain a better understanding of your customers and the market. You have access to more than 10 billion pieces of content including online, social, and even print media. You can do several tasks with this data including personalized press portfolios, automated email alerts, media panel queries, and comprehensive statistics and analytics reports. You can then use this data to post content that is useful for your brand’s promotions for B2B or consumers. 

Businesses of any size can use Onehub for their file storage and sharing needs. This platform offers a number of tools such as branded workspaces, virtual data rooms, GoogleDocs integration, custom agreements, and many more. You can also create client portals with your own customized Onehub workspace. Businesses that use Onehub include Philips, AARP, and Whole Foods. 

Rubrik uses a single platform for many cloud management solutions including data recovery, archiving, data backup, and offsite replication. You can also create customized reports highlighting operational efficiency and compliance, plus many more features. These reports then can be shared with your team via scheduled email delivery. Rubrik is used by many large companies including Honda, Capital One, Verizon, Allstate and Adobe. 

When you combine an organization and collaboration tool with a database spreadsheet, you get a centralized platform called Airtable. Here you can create spreadsheets with many features including rich text fields, content links, customized forms, and displays. You can use this platform on many devices including Android, iOS, and web browsers. All the data is automatically saved and synced across all devices. You can also integrate Airtable with many other platforms, including Slack and Dropbox, for even easier data management. 

Demographics are facts about a specific group including income, age, education and interests. Customer data is one of the most important aspects of marketing. An estimated 76% of marketing personnel base their decisions on customer data. Demography is an artificial intelligence platform for customer demographics predictions. Users receive analytics about customers and their demographic information. This data can then be used to create specific marketing campaigns. 

Grepsr is a web scraping and data extraction service. It is also a great project management tool. The service works by crawling and extracting data from email, documents, and websites, to name a few. This tool allows users to mark and tag data extraction requirements. Then users can create a schedule for the data extraction, which can be uploaded to GoogleDocs, Dropbox, email, or anywhere else the user needs the data downloaded. 

One of your business’s biggest assets is its data. To increase your business growth, your data management is something that needs to operate smoothly. There are numerous data management tools on the market today. Inner Works Pro can evaluate your business and help you determine the best data management tools for your business management needs. Contact us to get started.