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March 2021

Establishing your company’s brand to make it accessible to customers can be challenging. It’s important for your brand to be recognizable in the marketplace and leave a mark on your target audience. All of the cherished brands you know have started from the same place in obscurity. It took time and some planning to get them to the current level of customer satisfaction and repeat business.

Read on to learn about developing a strong brand management strategy so that you, too, can connect with your audience on a personal level.

Tips for Developing a Strong, Memorable Brand

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, follow these steps to help you implement a brand management strategy. 

Establish a Brand Personality

Your content should evoke the brand’s personality. Add plenty of emotion to your text when you disclose the beliefs and dreams of your brand. Pretend that your brand is a person or character unique in the marketplace. The public wants something that it can relate to. Consumers are more likely to connect with a brand personally if you take this type of approach to your copy.

Focus on User Needs Over Product Features

Many new businesses make a common mistake of promoting their product or service for its great features. They fail to let the consumer know how this product or service can solve a problem or make their life easier. 

Your company should let the customer know what you can do for them. Establish what problem or issue your product or service can solve for the customer. Describe in detail how you can help them and what benefits you provide.

Discover What Your Target Audience Wants

Do some research and discover what your target audience is looking for. This depends on factors such as age, economic status, and geographical region. The interests of the Millennials will vary greatly to those that are part of the Baby Boomer generation. Find out what motivates your audience so you can define their needs. As soon as you do this, you can better please the consumer and increase your brand awareness.

Give Them Something Exclusive

Is your product or service different from what the competition offers? Boost your brand’s irresistibility factor with an exclusive offer or product. Some consumers don’t want to miss out on what they believe is a great deal, a limited edition, or a product with a scarce supply. 

Respond to Customer Feedback

Consumers need to know that a brand is hearing them about their products or services. Therefore, you should respond to positive and negative feedback equally. One of the most irritating things to a customer is the failure of a company to respond to negative feedback. 

About 57 percent of consumers have said they would end their association with a brand if they see that their opinions are not acknowledged. 

Provide Free Information

When you offer free information right away, you can increase the customer’s love for your brand. It can also draw in more purchase potential. If you add just a small amount of helpful content on the site to advise on a particular problem, (without pushing the sale of your product or service), you can establish trust in your company. 

Portraying your brand as an authoritative resource can lead the customer to remember your company in a positive light and purchase in the future.

Go Above and Beyond

The public loves getting more than what they were expecting. Treat your audience by including a discount or a free sample of another product. Providing these benefits and incentives are some of the best ways to establish customer loyalty. When the time comes to make the next purchase, your customers will fondly remember your company for exceeding their expectations. 

Host Social Media Contests

By hosting some kind of contest or giveaway, you can get potential customers excited about your brand. This is a great way to generate leads. When your company hosts a simple contest, you can gather information on thousands of leads and potential customers. For example, one company generated a 35 percent increase in social media followers and sales by hosting a social media contest. 

Engage with Live Streaming and Webinars

The current craze on social media is live events. Facebook Live is currently one of the best ways to connect with your target audience via live video. Webinars are another way to generate a multitude of leads and increase sales. 

No matter what social media channels you utilize, make sure that you’re constantly engaging with your target audience on each platform. Consistency and genuine, relevant conversations are key!

Increase Your Brand’s Presence Online

Although brand management can be complicated, you can still establish a loyal customer base with some strategic planning. Contact Inner Works Pro for a complete business assessment today. We can help you increase your brand awareness and grow your business.

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