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September 2021

Data scraping is importing information from a website into a file on your computer. This is one of the best ways to get useful data from the web. Data scraping is a wonderful tool for effective web development and project management.

The Benefits of Data Scraping

Data Scraping has many uses including:

  • Research for information and web content

  • Pricing for comparison sites such as travel booking

  • Generating leads and conducting market research

  • Sending product data to an online vendor from an e-commerce site

Using Tools For Automated Data Scraping

A dedicated data scraping tool will be the most effective method if you intend to scrape regularly. 

Data Scraper is a tool that works in configuration with Google Chrome browser extensions. This allows the user to choose from several pre-made data “recipes” that will extract data from the web page currently on your browser.

What It Tells You: the data scraper can provide all information about your accounts in a neat, easy-to-read table. This table can be used as a sortable and editable database of your contacts. After the scrape, you have ownership of the data. This is useful because online data can be removed or changed at any time.

Information to Create Databases

Have you wondered what information is needed to create your database? Data scrapers gather disparate data from multiple sources and put it in one place. This means that if you have many websites controlled by different sources, you can combine all this data in one feed.

Expediting Research

The basic use for data scraping is to retrieve data from a single source. If you find a source with a plethora of useful information, the best way to get it onto your server in an organized format is data scraping. For example, if you have a few useful contacts on LinkedIn, you can use the data scraper to import all data on these contacts.

XML Feed To Third-Party Sites

For e-commerce websites, data scraping can be used to automate the updating of your product details to third-party sites such as Google Shopping. When you use a data scraper in this scenario, you can create a file that has a website query to import your product details from your website. 

Google Merchant Center allows your business to control how your product inventory appears on Google. This program allows you to fetch product information according to the parameters that you set up. 

New to data gathering and need a helping hand? Inner Works Pro can help you with all your website development and business management needs. We can help grow your business. Contact us today to get started on your business consultation.

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