Inner Works Pro

November 2021

One of the best ways to reach your business goals is to know your target audience. In this article, we will tell you how to utilize competitive intelligence by discovering what your customers want.

How To Find Out What Your Customers Want

Do You Know What Works For Your Customers Or How To Find Out?

Apply Appropriate and Intelligent Engagement

The best customer experience is an optimized experience. It is also a great source for your customer’s insights. It is now very easy to engage with your customers in real time. This is becoming one of the best ways of customer engagement. Messenger services are becoming very useful with this increased engagement.
It does not matter the channel it comes from, but the insight you receive is most important. This will help you understand the customer better. It will also help with your customer development strategies.

Actually Create a Buyer Persona

Instead of using generic data like demographics to figure out what your customers want, you can do this by creating a buyer persona. You can use the Acquisitions tab on Google Analytics to get insights on your audience. Once there, you can see which social media platforms or industry blogs that your traffic is coming from. You then apply this information to your personas. This will allow you to find out where and when to reach them the best.

Use Your Customer Analytics to Generate Data

Every action that a customer takes on your website is an insight into their behavior. Google Analytics and Inspectlet are two of the best tools out there for gathering insights. All of this collected data will provide you with answers as to what the audience likes and dislikes, and how to create a better overall website experience.

Predict Future Customer Engagement

Start thinking about a future plan for customer engagement. This is when you may need to change things up a bit to continue the engagement. You can also help prepare your customer service team with unpredicted challenging situations that may come up along the way.

There are a few predictive modeling software products on the market including RapidMiner, which can help you create realistic models for the future.

Map Your Customer’s Journey

To truly understand your customer, you will have to put yourself in their place. You can do this with customer journey mapping. This is where you can get a detailed representation of your customer’s journey from first interest to the sale.
This graphical representation includes critical touchpoints (interactions between a customer and your brand before, during, and after purchase).

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