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March 2021

Marketing strategies like branding, advertising, and social media promotion all work together to encourage conversions on your business website. And as you probably know, more website conversion leads to increased business.

How do you know if your website is converting new business the way you need it to? If you monitor your website’s vital metrics, you can get a good idea of what your conversion rates are. This is also how you can determine whether your current digital marketing campaigns are helping to grow your business.

What Are Your Website Conversion Goals?

Each business has its own conversion goals depending on the type of business. Your conversion goals may be new lead generation, social media engagement, or increased sales. Once you have identified your specific business goals, you must make a plan to monitor your conversion activity.

Do some research on your distinct business and determine what is a good conversion rate. You can define your conversion rate by dividing the number of visitors to your site by the total number of conversions completed. So, if you had 100 visitors last month, but only 25 clicked to call or filled out a form, your conversion rate is 25%. 

Another factor in the conversion rate is the sales funnel. This funnel describes the journey a customer takes from discovering your brand, to finally becoming a paying customer for your product or service. There are various factors that you can determine if you have achieved a good conversion rate. This depends on your specific business, the sales cycle, costs, and what product services you offer. 

How Can You Increase Your Conversion Rate?

If you are falling short of your anticipated conversion goal, what can be done to increase website conversion? New users or conversions are key to growing your business. There are several actions you can take to increase your website conversion rate. 

Monitor Your Website User Experience (UX)

Your website’s user experience is a main factor in why a visitor will remain on the site or leave it. If the conversion rates are fairly low, you should look into tweaking your website to make it more user-friendly. Things like making buttons and calls-to-action more clear can help with that. Consult with an expert on user experience to help make improvements on the site. 

Easy Website Navigation

If finding useful information on your website is difficult, there’s a chance that this potential new customer may leave and never come back. If a site visitor has a poor experience, they may be likely to visit a competing company’s website. Make sure that your website navigation is simple and organized. You not only want new users to stay on your site, but you want them to explore other pages past the homepage, too.

Make the Website Mobile-Friendly

Your website should be accessible to mobile users. In today’s world, more people are working from home or on the move. If your business website is only compatible with PCs, you are omitting a great potential for more users, and therefore, potential new clients. Your conversion rate will increase if your business website is compatible with use on tablets and mobile phones. 

Create Attractive Calls to Action on Your Website

Another component in increasing your conversion rates are the call to action buttons. They may invite people to give you a call, sign up for a newsletter, or register for an upcoming event. You can grab the attention of new users by placing these buttons on your site. Make sure that these buttons really pop on the page and place them in an easy to find location. You can even allow users to share your business website via email or social media posts. 

Make the Conversion Simple

The easier it is for a new user to engage with your website, the better. If the conversion process requires too many steps, or if they are asked for too much information, the user may abandon the task and go elsewhere. For instance,when building a form for users to sign up for the email list, include only the bare minimum information required such as name and email address. 

Social Media Consistency

A consistent social media presence is another way to raise your conversion rates. Keep your brand active on social, so you can maintain interest from your target audience. Be sure to include a “Follow Us” option on your website, so visitors can find you on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. This will alert the user everytime you post. 

Build a Strong Digital Strategy

Inner Works Pro can review your business website. Once you have evaluated your conversion rates and tweaked your website for optimization, you can achieve your business goals. Contact us to learn how we can help you develop and implement that strategy.

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