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February 2022

To make it with your business today, you must utilize social media development and follow marketing trends.

Influencers have become the new way to help brand your business. Unfortunately, there have been some issues with influencer scams. In this article, we will tell you how to avoid influencer scams, and then we will guide you on running a successful marketing campaign.

About Influencers: Popularity with a Price

The popularity of social media influencers comes with many challenges and responsibilities. Your entire brand identity is online, and your influencer will have quite a bit to do with that. Do not forget that there is a lot at stake, including but not limited to your company’s reputation. An unscrupulous influencer can be the death of your business.

Influencer Scams to Watch

The Tech Frauds

When considering using an influencer, do not rely on your interactions online or text only. At an early point, you need to make sure that this is a true flesh-and-blood person, and not a fake account or a bot. Hackers are coming up with new ways every day to try and harness people into things — and out of their money. You will need to do some investigating to make sure  they are who they say they are.

Inflated Followers Fraud

Besides fake accounts altogether, another influencer scam is known as follower fraud. There is now a whole new group of scammers out there called Insta-Fakers. This is where bundles of likes and followers can be purchased on Instagram to increase revenue. The company claims these followers were gained organically with true influence but they actually were simply bought. You will need to watch potential influencers social media accounts very carefully. If you see a sudden spike in followers or connections, it can be a red flag. You can use an online tool such as Google Analytics to track your influencer’s social media activity.

How To Run A Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Outline Your Goals

The first step in a successful campaign is asking what are your goals for your business. Get together with your influencer and brainstorm on what is your common campaign goal. You need to decide on what social media platforms to use and how to use them, and how many influencers you may need. Once you have defined your goals, set a timeline to implement them.

Choose Your Campaign Type

You and your influencer need to decide what theme/slant you are going to use for your campaign. You also need to decide what type of campaign you would like to run. The possibilities for collaboration are endless as you could work on sponsored blog posts, affiliate marketing, sales, and much more.

Draft An Influencer Contract

Official contracts will need to be drafted and executed with your influencers. These contracts will specify all details to the letter. You may want advice from a business consultant to help you draft the contract. This contract will explicitly outline all parties’ rights and responsibilities in this collaborative campaign.

Create Influencer Brief

Ask your public relations representative to draft a brief on your influencer. This should tell about the background of your influencer while also trying to share something intriguing about them. This one-page document can be used as a press release and fuel the content for your campaign.

Measure The Campaign’s Success

After you have implemented all the above steps and executed them, you can then see how your campaign did. Keep track of your performance through Google Analytics or other social media measuring tools. Be sure to measure your key performance indicators (KPI) to see if you reach your business goals with this campaign.

Inner Works Pro can brand your business with our social media management, influencer, and branding services. Contact us to get started on your business assessment today.

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