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Inner Works Pro

August 2021

Starting a business includes refining your branding, so it stays consistent across multiple channels. If you are wondering ‘how branding works, we will take you through the process step-by-step.

Create A branding style guide

The key to brand consistency is the creation and implementation of a branding style guide. This document describes in detail the rules and guidelines for composition, brand aesthetics, and design. This allows brand consistency among marketers, web developers, graphic designers, and product packaging departments.

Software with workflows that supports the brand

You then use your branding style guide in conjunction with software that makes typical brand visuals. These visuals will be consistent, but the channels they are shared on will differ. For instance, image dimensions and character spaces may vary between social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and your company’s content management system (CMS). Your company may have to develop different visual formats tailored to each platform. These customized visuals are saved into the cloud, server, or other hardware. 

This is where digital asset management software comes in. The right software allows businesses to easily repurpose the visuals using metadata. This, in turn, will automatically create the correct format to fit any marketing campaign on any social media channel. The benefits of this software are twofold : The software strongly aids brand consistency and it saves quite a bit of time in the process.

Be active on relevant platforms

Another way to establish brand consistency across multiple channels is to participate on relevant social media platforms. This helps with overall brand visibility and immediate awareness for the prospective target audience. To do this, you must actively participate in a few platforms both online and offline. Just make sure that the platforms you concentrate this energy on align with your brand’s identity.

Connect with the right influencers

You should also try to establish connections with social media influencers. If you run a marketing campaign with a powerful social media influencer, it can ultimately produce a more successful and cost-effective campaign. Your company would need to make sure that the reputation of the influencer is in sync with your company’s message. Brands should be cognizant of the influencers chosen, as the smallest bit of detail can affect how the brand is perceived.

Get your team on board and designate a control squad

You need to make sure your sales team is consistent with all your company’s marketing objectives. To help create a deeper understanding of the brand’s identity, provide both training and access to all brand materials. Choose a staff member from each department to monitor quality control. When you have a team at your company dedicated to quality control, this will create brand consistency throughout the different departments and the entire company.

Focus on quality

The most crucial part of brand consistency is delivering the best overall quality. Your customers want a brand they can trust, and consistent brand quality establishes a brand as something on which consumers can depend. This consistency is also important for maintaining a well-established brand

At the heart of each brand is a promise to the consumer. Whenever that brand delivers on that promise is another step toward that success. It does not matter what your business or industry is, when you have the right tools to support a consistent brand promise, the possibilities of your business growth are limitless. 

Consistent brand identity is one of the most important aspects of establishing a new business. Inner Works Pro has many branding services available to help you grow your business. Grow with us today.

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