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April 2022

There are many reasons why a nonprofit should utilize an e-commerce website. The primary reason is that nonprofit funding from foundations and individuals is decreasing. A nonprofit can compensate for the loss of these critical revenue streams when they open an e-commerce website. This article will tell you how to start an e-commerce website for your nonprofit organization.

How To Get Started Running A Nonprofit with an E-Commerce Website

Choose the Best E-Commerce Platform for Your Nonprofit

Do some research and decide what is the best e-commerce platform for your nonprofit. Numerous variables come into play when deciding what will work for you and your organization. Here are some tips on what to look for in your e-commerce platform:

Scalable Shopping Cart: the ability to integrate with other platforms easily and the ease of adding unlimited new products

Integrated Order Management System: Your shopping cart should contain this system that can handle cart items plus state taxes, shipping costs, and real-time payment processing.

Best Ecommerce Carts for Your Nonprofit

Shopify offers a discount for nonprofit websites. This platform offers outstanding point-of-sale features. Other great features include omnichannel selling, which enables the user to sell merchandise in the store and online. The platform also allows the user to get actionable reports so you can track your sales progress and make informed business decisions.

To seamlessly sell more products everywhere, use BigCommerce. The platform allows users to optimize, advertise, sell, and fulfill your merchandise across many social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Tik Tok, Pinterest, and many more. This platform can help your nonprofit grow your business with borderless commerce.

CoreCommerce has many plans available that can help you run your philanthropic business.

The new Entrepreneur Plan has many great features including CorePayments where you can accept payments online via credit cards, ACH, and e-check integrated payments without a hitch.

You can build the e-commerce website that you desire with WooCommerce. This WordPress plugin is fully customizable for your business philanthropy. The platform allows the user to receive secure payments and configurable shipping options. You also can run your online store from anywhere with the WooCommerce Mobile App.

Once you choose your appropriate e-commerce platform, you can begin your nonprofit’s e-commerce journey.

Inner Works Pro has many business management services available to help you run your nonprofit e-commerce website successfully. Contact us today to grow your business through e-commerce.

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