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May 2022

For a small business to grow in today’s competitive market, you must have a responsive web design. If you are unsure how to make your website more accessible for users, we can help. We know what business trends to watch along with the most current website development features. Read on to learn about the five features that can increase the accessibility of your website.

The Top 5 Website Accessibility Features

Smart User Navigation

Smart user navigation is crucial for website accessibility. If a new user lands on your website and has a difficult time navigating their way through your page to find specific information, it can cause this user to “bounce” from your site. This means the user can get frustrated if they do not find what they are looking for quickly, and they may leave your website and possibly go to a competitor to get this information.

Smart user navigation involves many elements including:

  • Full keyboard functionality
  • Content focal points should be in a meaningful order
  • All your headings, links, and labels should be in plain sight for easy navigation

Color and Contrast Adjustment Features

If some of your website users have visual impairments, they can benefit from the contrast and color adjustment features. If you add buttons to your website that have this adjustable contrast clarity feature, it can significantly increase the accessibility of your website. This feature can also help those users without any visual impairments, as it enables them to adjust the website settings according to types of lighting that can affect the visibility of the site.

Highlight Links and Images

Your website links should be highlighted to stand out and should be incorporated into the relevant text. This will help this content be more accessible to the user.

For images, alternative text (alt-text) should be used with every image. This feature allows users who have visual impairments to understand images on your website. It does this by providing the users with a description of the image content.

Magnifying Cursor and Content

If you give your users the option of having magnification for the cursor and content, it can make your website increasingly accessible. This feature allows users to make the content larger up to twice its original size for easier reading. To make this even easier for users, you can make this feature accessible by clicking rather than selecting a menu option to expedite the function.

Alternatives For Content Presentation

An even greater website design option is providing many alternatives to your website to make it more accessible. Alternative features can include screen readers, and other audio and video elements.

Inner Works Pro can show you how to grow your business with our many website management services. Our graphic designers can effectively build a site with a responsive web design. Contact us today to get started on your business assessment.

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