Inner Works Pro

February 2022

In today’s market, advertising through videos is vital for growing your business. Videos have become the dominant force of advertising for new businesses.

In this article, we will tell you how video marketing is the best way to promote your business. We will also give you a brief synopsis of the steps you can take to make the most of it and capitalize on it.

Reasons Why Video Marketing is the Future For Small Business

  • Videos Have the Largest Online Audience
    By far, video marketing has the highest engagement numbers. In fact, in 2022, videos are expected to account for 82% of global internet traffic.
  • Videos Have Higher Engagement
    Users tend to engage with videos more than any other promotions online.
  • Videos Are Highly Shareable
    One or two clicks is all it takes for your video to go viral. Be sure to make your video content easy to share. Videos on social media are shared an average of 12 times more than images and text combined.
  • The Advertising on Videos Drives Sales
    Online videos drive brand awareness, and therefore drive sales.
  • Videos Put A Face on Your Brand
    Brand awareness is key. A video can put your face and your brand in front of the masses like never before.
  • Videos Are Not Expensive To Produce
    Contrary to what many may think, videos are not that expensive to produce. Meet with a business consultant in the field to get an estimate on the costs of a promotional video.

Top 3 Things Transparent Companies Are Doing

Steps To Capitalize on Video Marketing Trends

  • Keep it Under Two Minutes
    The best length for a product video is two minutes. This is to not overwhelm the viewer or even cause them to lose interest. The video is short, intriguing, and leaves them wanting to know more.
  • Tell A Story
    Draft a story about yourself. Let your followers know who you are, your values, and your business objectives. This can establish trust. Videos are the best way to show the public that you are a human being just like them.
  • Make It A Call To Action

    To increase engagement and capitalize on your video promotion, inspire your audience to take some kind of action. You can place a link on your product page and provide contact information. You now can also configure your video so your customers can buy directly from there.

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