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April 2021

One way for a business to bring in more loyal customers is to create a web page design that is user-friendly and mobile-responsive. Meeting with a website design agency or a web designer can initially help you learn how to do this. The key is to implement a few steps to create a responsive web design that will retain current users and even bring more users to the website.

Will My Audience Love My Website?

The following are some tips to keep in mind when you’re working on optimizing your website for more traffic and more conversions:

Evaluate Your Website Design

You can schedule a graphic designer to evaluate your site. Or, you can take the DIY route by pretending you’re a user coming to the site for the first time. Try to look at the site from an objective point of view and see what you find visually appealing. 

Another option is to ask a connection on LinkedIn or a colleague to take a look at your website on their mobile device, so they can relay to you their impressions and ease of use. Conducting an A/B test can help you determine what is and isn’t working on the site. That way, you can make changes accordingly. 

Survey Your Users

It may be useful to survey your regular users and ask them what features or changes they would like to see on your site. These user comments may help you realize an area in need of improvement that you may not have noticed before. You could then fix or eliminate features that your users do not like and implement some of their suggestions. 

Increase Website Speed

A website that takes a long time to load is a major turnoff to users. Many users expect a website to load in about two seconds and may leave the site if it does not load quick enough. Use tools like Google Page Speed Insights to check your website speed and discover tips to speed up your site.

Make Navigation Easy

If users cannot easily navigate their way around the site, they may leave and never return. Make sure that your website’s navigation bar is easy to locate and easy to use. Place the bar at the same location on every page on your website, so it’s easy for the user to find. 

For the navigation bar itself, don’t clutter it with too many categories. Experiment with different tabs and other configurations to see what works best and makes sense for your website.

Improve Site Layout

Your site layout is extremely important for user friendliness. Approximately 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone and spend the majority of their time accessing the internet from these devices. Therefore, you need to check if your current website layout looks good on mobile devices, as well as laptop and desktop computers. 

If the mobile layout is different from the desktop layout, it should still be easy to navigate. The user shouldn’t have to zoom in frequently to read text. 

Choose a Creative Color Palette

The last thing you want is for a new site user to click on your website and get bombarded with harsh colors. Choose colors for your website based on a nice contrast between the background and the text. You want to avoid putting on strain on the eyes. 

Include Detailed Information

A site visitor wants to find what information they are looking for right away. They shouldn’t have to go from page to page to find it. If that is the case, they may leave your site out of frustration and go look at a competitor. So, make all your product and service information easily accessible for users on the site.

Build Internal Linking

A long article on your site may be too much for a user to absorb all at once. Fortunately, you can break up complicated topics onto separate pages and employ internal linking to connect them all. 

Some examples of this include:

  • Links to related articles within your blog posts
  • Redirecting your users from the Shop to product reviews or a related products page
  • Inviting users to learn more about your brand by visiting ‘About Us’ or  FAQs page 

Create Clear Calls To Action

Website users will be pretty responsive to a call to action—as long as it’s in the right place. This could be a window that opens up, enabling the user to subscribe to newsletters or email updates. Or, it can be a button that says, ‘Sign up,’ ‘Register here,’ or ‘Purchase product’.

Design your calls to action and buttons so that they are easily visible on the site. For the most conversions, your visitor should be able to locate it and take action with ease.

Build a Successful Website

Responsive web sites are key to increasing user conversion rates for your business website. Inner Works Pro can help your business evaluate your website design. Contact us today to get started.

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