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March 2021

Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of business promotion. It’s essential to implement an effective social media strategy to take your business to the next level. But how do you promote your business on social media? Read on to discover some of the best steps a business owner can take to develop a strong social media strategy.

How to Build a Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

For the most success online, a business or organization should regularly review and audit their social media marketing. When you take the time to review metrics and social activity, you can implement changes to continue your business growth. Here are some tips to make sure your overall business goals are aligned with your social media marketing:

Learn Everything You Can about Your Target Audience

When you learn everything about your potential customers, you can apply that knowledge to creating content that’s targeted specifically for them. Seek information like their location, age, income, occupation, and interests. You may have to alter your social media posts for various personas within your audience. But ideally, if your audience can identify with you, they’ll be more likely to follow your business and share your posts on social media. 

Conduct a Social Media Audit

Completing a social media audit can give you a clear picture of what is working and what is not. You can discover what type of users are engaging with your company and which networks they use. You can see how you compare to your competition. Also, you can determine which types of posts (blog links, photos, videos, team bios, etc.) are the most successful when it comes to audience engagement.

Know Your Business Competition

Study what your competition posts on social media. Take note of what they are doing, especially if they have a large following on several platforms. You should take notice of the platforms where your business is not doing as well. 

For instance, if your competition has a great number of followers on Facebook but they are not as strong on Twitter or Instagram, you can use this knowledge to your advantage. This can give you a clue into strategies you should adopt, and others to avoid.

Extend the Visual Branding and Make Sure the Branding Is Consistent

The branding on your website should include images, videos, and graphics with the same colors, fonts, and style. It’s a great strategy to carry this over to social media, as well. After some time, your customers will notice this consistency, and they will begin to recognize your company more quickly. Large well-known companies like Coca Cola and Apple have consistent logos that are featured on all marketing and advertising. One thing that consumers like is brand consistency and they are apt to engage with brands they are the most familiar.

Develop a Marketing Persona

Since each social media platform may have varying demographics, you can create a few different marketing personas to fit the individual platforms. To do this, begin by analyzing your customer base and which social media platforms each group uses the most. For instance, people of all ages use Facebook, but Millennials tend to use Twitter and Instagram a bit more frequently. 

After you examine each social media network’s demographics, you can create a marketing persona that speaks to that platform’s audience.

Establish the Voice of Your Business Brand

The tone of your marketing copy that accompanies your social media posts is also very important for promoting your business. You may have a more casual tone if you are trying to get the attention of the younger users of Tik Tok, as opposed to a more formal tone on a business networking website like LinkedIn.

Different Accounts for Different Business Areas

If you have a large company that consists of many products or services, it may be more productive to have several accounts. This allows you to focus even more on those specific customers and create relevant copy to speak to them. 

For instance, if one of your products does very well in the Chicago area, you may want to create an account for only this specific product in that region. You can also set up a group on Facebook and invite these customers so users can join in and engage with posts and comments. 

Be Active on Social Media

This may seem obvious, but an occasional post here and there will not suffice. Social media consistency is very important to help raise your business profile and grow your business. Social media users are constantly bombarded with information. If you do not have a frequent presence on social media, you may be quickly forgotten. Social media consistency is an extremely important method to brand your business.

Create a Social Media Strategy with Us

Social media promotion is the best way for a new business to grow. If you need assistance implementing your social media strategy, Inner Works Pro can help grow your business. Contact us today to get started. 

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