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January 2021

Choosing the digital tools you’ll use for your remote business is only the beginning of your journey to success. The process of consistently managing a team and business remotely can be a great challenge. While this model of work comes with numerous advantages, like saving time (no commute) and money (no office expenses), it takes a lot of dedication to manage. You must develop a strong plan for how you will implement the digital tools you choose into your daily routine.

In this article, we let you in on some of the best ways to manage your business remotely. Read on for some tips to manage and maintain a high-performing virtual team while growing a thriving online business.

Take Your Online Business Seriously

Few people with a brick and mortar business consider what they do a hobby or something to get done at their leisure. To them, it’s a crucial stream of income. An ecommerce business owner should have the same mindset. Your ecommerce business is a real business, just like anything else.

If you act as if your brand-new business is already a wildly successful business, then it has the potential to become a wildly successful business.

Launch Your Company Website and Be Ready to Maintain It

With great web design and user-friendly features, you can drive traffic to your company website and convert them into long-term paying customers. That being said, avoid rushing to launch your website prematurely. It’s important to make a good impression on your potential customers.

You can certainly publish a static ‘Coming Soon’ page as a placeholder, but take your time with the launch. A website launch is supported by a strong strategy in other avenues like paid advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing, and social media promotion. Only then will your business website be ready to draw customers in and keep them coming back.

Implement a Digital Workplace Strategy

With the proper tools and resources, you can crunch and analyze important business data like key performance indicators for your team. Discover what’s working, as well as which areas need improvement.  

You can also research what your competition is doing and compare it with your marketing strategy. That way, you can make adjustments based on what you discover and periodically analyze data as needed.

Manage Your Contractors and Employees Efficiently

It’s crucial that your remote team knows their specific roles and responsibilities. If you haven’t already, set up a task tracking and management platform. Tools like these can give you the ability to easily track work output, hours worked, and conduct quarterly reviews. You can also easily share information and communicate with your contractors. 

With the right software, your team may have opportunities for remote social interaction. You can help remedy the isolation of working from home by letting your staff know you are available to them. Periodically check in with everyone personally to see if there are any questions or concerns about their assigned tasks. This will reinforce the team spirit and help with the overall collaborative effort. 

Collect Audience Information

For the most successful marketing campaign, you must find out what your customer demographic is. Learning who your current customers are can help you build a strategy to target more people like them. 

Keep a current customer database with pertinent information and update the information as needed. This information can be helpful when building a new promotion or a future launch of another product or business.

Encourage Your Customers to Promote Your Brand

Your established customers can be your best brand ambassadors. One of the best ways for a business to grow its customer base is to provide opportunities for satisfied customers to provide testimonials for your brand. This will encourage more sales for your brand and draw in new business. Encourage customers to leave reviews or share your content on social media.

Engage on Social Media to Grow Your Brand

For nearly twenty years, social media has grown to billions of users worldwide. These social platforms are currently some of the best ways to advertise a new business and communicate with your audience.

Stay ahead of the competition by developing a social media and search engine optimization strategy. You can attract new leads from various outlets like Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook.

Continuously Evolve Your Business

Technology, trends, and customer preferences are constantly changing. It’s vital that your business keeps up with these changes and avoids becoming stale or obsolete. The possibilities for your brand are endless—you can manage it all from anywhere in the world with a WiFi connection and a laptop. To get started, contact Inner Works Pro for your 30 minute business assessment.

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