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April 2021

Whether you like it or love it, social media is here to stay. Many companies use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to enhance customer relationships—and increase their business. Besides having social media consistency, you must also work to develop relationships with your potential customers. Check out a few steps to enable your company’s social media development and grow your following.

How to Create an Engaging Social Media Presence

Seek Relationships—Not Just Followers

When you seek relationships with your social media followers, it can add value to your business. That’s because you’ll have a group of quality followers who actually care what you do and sell. For example, if your business has thousands of followers but only a couple hundred of them actually engage with your site, the ones who engage are ultimately more crucial to your business than those who do nothing. 

Engaging with your audience can be pretty simple. You can nurture these ongoing relationships by answering questions, mentioning people directly when they comment on or share your content, commenting on others’ content, and starting a conversation with your users. 

Create Content to Get Attention

Think of the last time you were surfing the web. Did you come across a post that made you stop scrolling immediately and start reading the text? Ask yourself what it was about this post that stole your attention. 

Your goal is to create unique content that stands out on social media. Think of something that could really grab the attention of social media followers out there. It could be a photo, an opinion on the state of your industry, or an informative blog post. Whatever it is, make it something that will seize the attention of social media users.

Do not forget to focus on the visual content of your posts as well. A post with an image or visual can grab the attention of a user much more than one with text alone. A post with strong visual content is 40 percent more likely to get shared on social media. A Tweet with an image has up to a 150 percent chance of a retweet than one without an image.

Optimize Your Automation

Consumers don’t want to receive a message from your company that appears like it came from a robot. Your automated customer care should not be a generic message, but have a more personal approach. For example, the message should include the user’s name and mention the specific issue they were contacting you about. Even in our world of ever-increasing technology, the majority of consumers still want to know they are communicating with other humans.

Use Social Media Optimization to Increase Engagement

Many of today’s companies use social media optimization to draw the attention of users and get their content in front of more eyes. Here, you can optimize your social media accounts in a number of ways including keywords and images. 

Include hashtags in your posts that are related to your industry. Then, you can connect with other popular social media accounts in your industry to increase your exposure and engage with others using the same tags. 

Keep Up with Current Trends

Nothing can turn off potential new leads than outdated content. Do industry research on the web on a fairly regular basis. Always keep your brand content topical by keeping up with all news and industry trends. You can then tailor your content to fit with this current trend, which can increase audience engagement. Update your content as frequently as needed. 

Use Social Media Buttons

Be sure to include share buttons for all your company’s social media platforms on your website. Make it as easy as possible for users to share your content. This will encourage customers and followers to share it on their channels to increase your overall exposure. 

Include Inbound Links

Once you have established quality content on your business website, you can then encourage other external sites to share your content on social media. This method can put your business in front of an entirely new audience. 

Social Media Examiner is a great resource to help you with this strategy. The website contains useful marketing advice for all the popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. 

Consider Paid Advertising and Marketing

The old saying, ‘You have to spend money to make money,’ still applies today. It may be worth the cost of paid social media advertising and marketing to increase brand exposure. The recent trend of influencer marketing is another great way to get your business the social media exposure it needs.

Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

The correct social media management strategy can help your business get the love it deserves. You want your business to increase your customer base and help your business grow. Inner Works Pro can help you with all aspects of your social media development. Contact us to get started.

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