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September 2022

Once you establish your business and assemble your team, you need to organize it all. A project management tool can help you reach your business goals much faster than if you take on the task yourself. These tools also include a responsive web design, so you and your team can work more efficiently. In this article, we will tell you about the best tools for awesome project management.

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Trello allows your team to communicate efficiently. This highly customizable application has numerous features that allow you to manage your project and team members all from one place. On the online boards, you can assign tasks to your team members and keep updated on progress with checklists. Trello also has many integrations available with other applications. Plus, it is mobile-compatible! The application has many plans available ranging from free for individuals to enterprise for large teams.

Monday.com has dashboards that provide insights into your project in real-time. The application allows you to automate your data, create workflows, and track sales and CRM, plus much more. The platform has many versions available including Monday Marketer and Monday Sales CRM. Monday.com can help boost your team’s productivity and efficiency. The platform has various plans available for every business budget.

With Wrike, you can exceed your business goals as anything is possible with this project management software. Wrike enables better collaboration with many customizable features and easy-to-use templates. The platform also offers interactive Gantt charts, where you can plan and track the progress of all your projects. You can also get custom-built programs from Wrike including plans for marketing and professional services teams.

For cloud-based solutions, you can’t beat ConnectWise Manage. This platform is multifaceted and can be customized not only for project management but for billing, marketing, and sales, as well. The platform also has a remarkable Help Desk, where users can take advantage of features such as time entry management and multi-channel ticketing with access available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are looking for a project management solution for professionals, look for Zoho Projects. The platform has an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and manage. Other great features include task management and automation, blueprints, time tracking, charts and reports, plus much more. Zoho Projects is also available in 17 languages including Japanese, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Russian.

Celoxis is an ultra-customizable platform. Current users claim that Celoxis generates the best reports and has the best dashboards for project management. Your team can collaborate easily while extracting comments and files with each other and clients, too. Other notable features include dynamic project planning, tracking, and even accounting.

Smartsheet offers modern business management all in one place. This platform is great for various professions as it is highly customizable. Industries that use Smartsheet include healthcare, IT, construction, education, government, marketing, and financial services. The capabilities of this platform are limitless with features including asset management, team collaboration, intelligent workflows, and streamlined business applications, plus much more.

One of the best project management tools to grow your business is Hubstaff. The platform is an all-around tracker for tracking your team’s productivity. The many features on Hubstaff include online timesheets, employee scheduling, invoicing, and payroll tracking. The platform is also available in many customizable plans for any budget including a free 14-day trial.

Easy Projects has features that enable your team to plan and execute your projects seamlessly. The platform allows users to plan and track your budget, with built-in resource loading and scheduling, and task tracking. Easy Projects also has customized plans available for any size, type, or budget. Plus, the platform has a personalized training program so you and your team members can learn how to use the features for the best benefits of your company’s project goals.

No matter what your project may be, there is the perfect project management tool for the best business management. Most of the tools on this list are highly customizable to accommodate any type of business of any size. In addition, these tools can show you how to get competitive intelligence,  can provide organizational and branding services, and tell you what business trends to watch in addition to project management and team communication.

At Inner Works Pro, we can show you how to reach your business goals. We can help your business select the best project management tool that can grow your business to all new levels. Contact us today for your business assessment.

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