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Inner Works Pro

December 2020

When you’re managing contractors, it can often be overwhelming trying to find the best resources for your business needs. Working with a business consultant firm like Inner Works Pro can guide you through the process of integrating digital tools to manage your business. Our team conducts research on your business type, objectives, and other specific needs. We’ll then recommend the best digital tool for you. Finally, we’ll train you and your team on how to implement our tools to increase the optimum benefits. 

Why does your new business need digital tools for managing your contractors? These online platforms can help you manage everyone on your remote team in an efficient and easy way. Read on to learn more about the benefits of digital tools for managing contractors and remote workers.


Why Use Online Tools to Manage Remote Contractors?

There are a multitude of digital tools available, and each serve a specific task or purpose. Implementing digital tools into your everyday routine can put your business ahead of the competition by increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

Check out some more key benefits of these resources and platforms:

Better Data Accessibility

It’s beneficial to have all of your business data in one place for easy accessibility. Utilizing a single, strong online tool can also lead to stellar customer service, and in turn, your brand reputation. You and your contractors won’t have to spend time tracking information on different systems—it’s all streamlined into one place. The days of waiting for reports and data to come in from different portals are a thing of the past.

Improved Talent Acquisition and Retention

The key element to a successful online business is the acquisition and retention of the best talent. Whether your talent needed is salespersons, executives, writers, or marketers, you need to find the best people for your team.  

Business owners and executives have access to many digital tools to make the task of recruiting talent much easier. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Sourcehub uses social media profiles and data from Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter to find your talent. You can start a search with criteria like skills, location, and social media platform.


  • HireVue helps you narrow down your possibilities in the hiring pool. This platform creates custom candidate assessments based on online questionnaires and/or video interviews.
  • Clickboarding is a tool used for onboarding and training. It helps welcome the new hire into their new position by streamlining the onboarding process and easing them into the training process. It helps you avoid the high costs of turnover due to inadequate onboarding and training. 

  • Upwork is a source for hiring professionals who work remotely. Here, you can find contractors in many categories including freelance writers, marketing professionals, web development and design, administration support, and accounting. Simply post your available position on the site, and the experts at Upwork will connect you with the talent you need.

Streamlined Communication

For the most productive work day, timely communication between you and your contractors is essential. Communication tools like Slack and Trello can keep the lines of communication open through various locations and time zones. These tools allow messages, relevant information, and task assignments to be communicated flawlessly between you and your team. 

Tracked Performance Management

Companies can create profiles of all employees or contractors to monitor their strengths and manage the areas that need improvement. This data is much easier to maintain in a digital format than hardcopy. The company can provide feedback in real time on the performance. 

Developing and maintaining an efficient performance management system is beneficial for both full time employees as well as contractors.

Increased Productivity

Working remotely has become a growing trend that isn’t going to slow down any time soon. That’s because more and more teams are unlocking the tools to success. When communication and data sharing tasks are easy for your contractors, this can lead to increased productivity. 

To get there, you’ll most likely also need a digital tool that will track hours worked by contractors and provide payroll services. This way, you can track what tasks were worked on and how long it took to complete those tasks. 

Strategic Decision Making

A vital aspect of a successful business is the ability to make the best decision possible in all situations. When you have all your vital data pertaining to your business right in front of you in one convenient place, the decision making process is significantly easier. These tools provide a dashboard providing all of your business analytics right in one place.

Achieve Strong, Steady Growth

The end result of digital tools integration for managing contractors for your online business is seeing these components mesh together and turn into increasing growth. They can help increase the ease of monitoring and increasing your success. To get started making your plan for digital tool integration, schedule a free business assessment with us.

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