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Inner Works Pro

September 2021

In recent years, workflow automation tools have become increasingly popular with new businesses. The correct tools for automation can increase productivity with improved website management, app integration, and elimination of past repetitive manual processes. 

It is important to choose the correct automation tool that will most benefit your business. When considering the application to choose, consider how much the tool will benefit your business, the ease of setting up and use, remote accessibility, integrations, and much more.

10 Best Tools For Workflow Automation

ClickUp allows users to organize many tasks such as events, projects, and contacts in one place. ClickUp also integrates your workflow with the Slack application. 

Trello is an app that allows all work from teammates to be viewed and managed. Users can track task completion, and share documents and other files with teammates. The app uses cards that contain checklists, attachments, information, messages, and much more. 

With Workfront, you can have effective work management built for the enterprise. The app allows users to work on complex workflows by connecting, collaborating, and executing tasks from anywhere. 

A great app for remote teams is Monday.com. This app enables users to monitor more than 200 workflows, task management, sales and CRM, operations and marketing tasks, plus so much more. 

Hive is an application that helps your team reach its goals faster. This tool is unique because it combines project management with process management that enables simpler workflow management. 

Hands down, the best tool for social media management is Hootsuite. This program allows users to do more social in less time with post scheduling across all social media networks. The platform helps you create social media consistency by producing quality, relevant content to please your audience. 

Airtable allows users to use databases and spreadsheets to create a visually appealing workflow management tool. The application provides many templates that can help your business get started on any project or task. The Airtable application can also be integrated to use with the Slack application. 

Teamwork is an application that contains a little bit of everything to increase your team’s workflow. Features available include CRM, helpdesk, chat, document management software, and much more. 

For all-in-one CRM software, Agile CRM is your best bet. The program allows users to monitor and implement their sales, marketing, and service tasks in one convenient place. The application also promotes social media development with integrations in all the social media platforms for your business. 

To provide exceptional customer support, use HappyFox. This program has a web-based help desk and a workflow automation tool that is ideal for your customer support teams. HappyFox can also be integrated into many other applications including Slack, Microsoft Teams, Aircall, Facebook, and many more. 

Inner Works Pro has many website management services to help grow your business and incorporate workflow automation. Contact us to get started on your business assessment today.

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