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September 2021

Successful business management can be accomplished when your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools work in tandem with your responsive web design.  

Explore our list of the best CRM tools you can add to your website, and find the ones that best suit your business.

The Best CRM Integration Tools to Keep in Touch with Your Customers

Customer Communication Tools

Mobivity allows users the ability to send text messages and short videos to customers, and enables users to create personalized advertising for customers, plus much more. 

The OwnerListens tool lets customers send messages to your business via mobile phones. Your customer service team can then respond to these customers in real-time to offer assistance. The tool also has a dashboard that allows users to monitor all messages from one location. 

Consumers love loyalty programs. Fivestars gives your company the ability to create a rewards program that is quick and painless. This tool also allows your employees to communicate directly with customers, schedule and send promotional emails and newsletters, set up automatic offers based on customer behavior, and analyze customer data.

Customer Feedback Tools

Mention allows your company to monitor and respond to customer feedback. When your customers leave a message on a discussion board, leave an online review, or post on social media about your company, Mention keeps it all in one place for you to keep track. 

Cake is a tool best used in the restaurant industry. This tool can help waitstaff seat customers with text messages, and collect customer comments and reviews after they dine.

Customer Service Tools

Realtime is a popular tool that allows the customer to share their computer screen with customer service reps. This co-browsing experience is helpful, especially with software companies or any business that sells products online. 

Your business can provide exceptional customer service with LiveAgent. This tool is customizable to fit your business model with several packages, including social media support and live chats. The features in this tool provide your company the ability to identify, handle, and solve customer problems and complaints with ease. 

Dezide is a “guided troubleshooting solution.” This tool lets you create knowledge bases and FAQs as self-service tools for customers on your website. Users then have the option of including features such as step-by-step directions that can include images, videos, and built-in searches. 

If you want your customers to get more out of your business website, use Toonimo. This tool allows you to create a tour guide through your website. This guide can help customers navigate the website, provide tutorials on how to use specific products, provide help completing online forms, and much more.

Tools For Scheduling

If you have a business that runs primarily on appointments, Bookafy is a great tool for you. This scheduling software saves time and money by letting customers use an online platform to make, cancel, reschedule, and pay balances due, plus much more. 

Pro Business Tools is for businesses that send technicians out in the field. This tool allows you to set up technicians by territory, availability, and expertise. Users also have the option to give customers the ability to directly book an appointment with a technician.

Tools For Virtual Meetings

GoToMeeting allows businesses to conduct audio and video meetings with customers worldwide. You can also conduct group chats with customers and other employees, as well. The tool also allows the option to record meetings for absent attendees, and screen-sharing of documents, images, and videos. 

To automatically schedule virtual meetings with customers, use Doodle. The tool allows clients to choose available blocks of time, and then alerts all participants of the mutually available time slots for the virtual meeting. You can also use this tool to integrate calendars. Inner Works Pro has many business assessment and website management services to help you grow your business. Contact us today to get started.

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