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September 2022

Your business website’s traffic is what will, in time, grow your business. The more people that view your website, the better, because more traffic leads to conversions and eventually sales. You will need to make sure that your business website is available or accessible to everyone. This includes people with disabilities that may impede their enjoyment of your website design.

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To check your business website’s performance, web accessibility tools can help you design a responsive website that is usable for everyone. Read on to learn about the top 5 web accessibility tools.

WAVE is an evaluation tool that helps businesses create accessible content. The tool has many top features including:

  • Accessibility checks and recommendations for fixing accessibility issues
  • Annotation of web page copy
  • Accessibility evaluations within the browser, not the server

Other great features on WAVE include email reports, progress tracking, unlimited rescans, advanced web page management tools, plus much more.

Cynthia Says users receive consolidated and comprehensive feedback on their website design accessibility issues. This free tool has several great features including:

  • Reports based on 508 compliance
  • ARC toolkit that allows users to scan the website on demand
  • ARC platform with extensive performance dashboard

Cynthia Says also offers other accessibility services including training, strategy, UX services, and an accessible escape room.

Lera is a Chrome extension that can easily do audits of your website for accessibility. This free application has many helpful features such as:

  • Advanced testing with a WCAG 2.1 Level A and AA compliant
  • Generates a comprehensive report on detailed issues and fixes
  • Fast automated and manual accessibility testing for web pages

LERA also allows the user even more features like a reporting dashboard with granular data,  an accessibility reporting template, and the ability to scan websites for accessibility and save all scans, as well.

Sort Site can be used on the website or as a desktop application on Windows or Mac systems. The top features of this application are:

  • Evaluation of HTTP error codes instantly
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac OS as a desktop application, on a browser through the web, or on your mobile device
  • Evaluates websites based on 110 checkpoints with WCAG 2.0

SortSite can also find major website checkpoints such as broken links, SEO, user experience, and compatibility.

Tenon is a powerful web accessibility checker. The tool can solve all your accessibility issues on your website, even while the test is still running. The top features of this platform include:

  • Website evaluation with WCAG 2.0 compliance
  • Testing of accessibility of codes during development and checks for errors post-deployment
  • Identifies accessibility gaps on the highest traffic pages

Tenon also helps you create documentation and accessibility policies for each team member. The platform is also available in many flexible plans including a “pay along” plan, as well as plans for small, medium, and larger-sized businesses.

If you integrate one of these tools into your website development, it can help you reach your business goals by exposing your business to a whole new demographic.

Contact Inner Works Pro to assist you with all your website development needs. Our business management services can help grow your business significantly.

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