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July 2021

An outstanding business website is needed to help you reach your business goals. You want to implement a responsive web design so that your connections and potential new customers continue to revisit your site. 

If your business has a responsive web design implemented, it will engage new customers and inspire them to return for more.

How To Design Your Website To Keep Customers Coming Back

Personalize the Website

The key to proper web development is creating a webpage that offers the visitor a unique, personalized experience. A customized web experience will lead to customer engagement on these responsive websites, and it will keep your new customer coming back. 

There are a few ways that you can personalize your website to engage the user. A customized landing page can include products or services the customer previously purchased. If you create a featured section on your site, you can have a list of products that you want highlighted that is visible on the page. On the landing page, you can also provide your customers with relevant information and make suggestions toward content that they may be interested in reading.

Highlight What is New and Popular

There are several ways that you can highlight your new content on your website to get the attention of users. On your page, you can use a banner, a sidebar, or even just a little list of chronological content. You just need to make sure that your visitors will know this content is new. If you have some content that has been popular in the past, be sure to capitalize on that by keeping it highly visible on your page. You can also do the same with the content that is shared the most. You can just create a small section that is titled Most Shared Articles.

Create a Good User Experience

One thing that will drive away new customers from your website and your business is if your website is difficult to navigate. Consumers in your industry market can be fickle, therefore the webpage design needs to facilitate a good user experience. A good user experience for your business website is not as difficult as you may think. There are a few simple things you can do to make your business website more user-friendly. 

First, look over your website thoroughly. Try to look at it through the eyes of the new user, make note of what you liked, and determine what needs tweaking. Does the site have an attractive color scheme, nice images and/or videos, and fonts that are easily read? Evaluate if the webpage is too cluttered with images and graphics, as that could be overwhelming for a new user to see a webpage with too much information all in one place. 

Next, make sure your website is completely accessible through PC and mobile devices. In this time of mobile technology, potential new customers want to do business with a company that is available at all times. Your mobile application should be easy to navigate and contain search capabilities, sharing buttons, and calls-to-action to enhance the user experience.

Use Email to Connect

You can use email to engage or re-engaging customers. Send the customers personalized emails that contain specific content that would target their individual needs. If your customers feel like they are in the loop, they may become brand advocates. You can also send regular industry newsletters to keep their interest in you and your business.

Reward Those That Support Your Brand

Consumers love businesses that give back. You can keep those customers coming back by offering various incentives for their brand loyalty. 

There are many ways you can reward your loyal customers and promote your company at the same time. A personal acknowledgement to the customer can do a lot of good for customer relations. Your company can offer a personalized product for the customer, start a rewards or loyalty program, or give them a shout-out on social media for all their support. 

Having a wonderfully designed website to attract more customers and brand advocates is a vital element to your business growth. If you feel your business website is in need of web design services,  we can help you with all stages of the website development process. Inner Works Pro can help you grow your business. Contact us to get started.

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