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July 2021

When thinking about website development, you may want to consider how you can create a site that will grab attention. 

A website that attracts new customers needs to be simple to use and catch the eye of the newcomer. A responsive web design is the key to a successful website that will be bringing in more customers. 

There are quite a few tools out there that can assist you in making a website that will draw in people.

10 Best Web Design Tools

Macaw is a code-savvy web design tool. The program has two main web design engines: Stream, a real-time layout engine that allows the user to manipulate many elements of the site, including photos; and Alchemy, an engine that converts a design into usable HTML and CSS. Macaw allows the user to create a phenomenal responsive website for all devices. 

Origami Studio 3 was created by Facebook. The social media platform had used Origami Studio 3 to design some of their products including Facebook Messenger and Instagram. This tool uses Sketch integration to speed up the process of web designing. The Origami Program is only available for MAC and IOS. 

Sketch was created in 2009 and has become very popular with web designers.  The features include simplified vector modes and improved exporting. The programmers have incorporated CSS logic into the application to make the conversion to CSS simple. The pricing plans for Sketch start at only $9 per person monthly.

Atomic is a web design tool where you can create designs in the browsers of PCs and Macs. The tool has the ability to share the created designs on multiple devices. Atomic allows the user to create the design from scratch, or you can import designs from Sketch or Photoshop. 

Material Design works simultaneously with Google to combine the basics of good design with technology innovations to create the foundation for the website. Material Design also has many easy-to-use tools located in the navigation bar to help you design the site.

You can build responsive websites quickly with Bootstrap. The features available on this application include responsive containers that are fluid to a breakpoint, and responsive .row-cols classes to specify the number of columns across breakpoints. Bootstrap has its own source library, Bootstrap Icons, which is designed specifically to work with all the application components. 

You don’t need to be a web designer to create an awesome site with Hologram. This application is an all-in-one tool for WebVR creation. Hologram is great because the program is so easy to use without any previous coding knowledge. The Google Blocks integration allows the user to play with several 3D objects. You can download projects made with Hologram and use them in A-frame workflows. The desktop application is free. 

Marvel is a web design tool that is completely online, which means there is no need to download anything from the web. The tool has many great features including prototype building, design simulation, and the ability to insert design into the project workflow. 

You can save time working with design files when you use Avocode. This application was designed by the same tech team that developed CSS Hat and PNG Hat, and they have managed to take the exporting process one step further with Avocode. The program analyzes Photoshop and Sketch files and transforms everything into a wonderfully designed user experience. 

UXPin is a dedicated prototype application that allows the user to work with interactive states, code components, and logic. The program contains many integrated element libraries that work with Bootstrap, iOS, and Material Design. The user also receives icon sets for free to help them in the creation process. 

If you are not sure which web development tools you need to design your site, Inner Works Pro can help. We have a range of website design and website management services available to help grow your business.

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