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August 2022

To grow your business, you must have a strong online presence. If you are going to have that strong presence, you must keep up with all the current marketing trends. You have to incorporate the current trends into your branding strategy to remain relevant in your industry. In this article, we will tell you about the top branding trends so you can reach your business goals.

The Top Branding Trends of 2022

More Personal Experiences

One of the top branding trends today is personalized experiences. This trend is expected to grow, as a recent study from Adweek discovered that 90% of consumers in the United States prefer personalized marketing experiences. These experiences can be anything from tailored content to direct messages, digital ads to personalized email marketing.

Environmental Awareness in Business

Consumers today want to identify with a brand. Many consumers want to know the brands they shop for are environmentally friendly businesses.  Why does business sustainability matter? A record 70% of Americans believe that brands should be sustainable. As a result, many companies are incorporating sustainability into their brand management strategies with promotions, initiatives, and special offers. Remember that we all have to share this planet, so it is to everyone’s benefit that we work together to preserve our natural resources.

Permanent Content

Many social media platforms have developed tools to highlight permanent content. For instance, LinkedIn has one of these social media management tools called Cover Stories. This feature allows you to brand your business with a 30-second promotional video that is permanently placed on your LinkedIn profile page. This content is wonderful when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn, as it highlights this content front and center to showcase your brand.

Branding Your Audio Content

Audio content has become a hot trend in branding. Podcasts, for instance, have become one of the best ways to increase brand awareness. Many businesses are expected to follow this trend in the coming year and beyond, as many social media audio applications have popped up on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram Rooms.

Optimization for Those on the Go

More than half of consumers today surf the Internet on mobile devices. To grow your business, your brand must be accessible on all mobile devices. Therefore, you have to make sure that all your brand content and experiences are mobile-optimized. If your content is optimized for mobile use and accessibility, it makes a positive brand impression.

Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

An SEO-dominating website is the key to growing your business. Driving traffic to your website through organic SEO will be the leading source for new business this year. Recent changes in SEO have allowed increased brand awareness that allows for more keywords that create a featured snippet appearing as the first result on search engines like Google.

Live Streaming

Currently, consumers are highly engaged with live streaming. This branding method is one of the highest-rising marketing trends happening today. In fact, streaming content watch time is up an amazing 250% from last year. Live streaming makes it extremely easy for brands to showcase their values and personality so consumers can relate.

Live streaming also helps a brand increase its sales. More platforms are introducing built-in e-commerce features that make it easy for brands to recommend products and even share links during the streams. Social media platforms such as YouTube Live, Instagram Live, and Twitter Live are famously using this type of marketing. The live streaming momentum in branding will continue in 2022 and beyond.

Snail Mail

Although many consumers are turned off by junk mail, many prefer to get contacted by a brand or business this way. The reason why some consumers prefer this branding method is because they can read it at their leisure, and the direct mail has a tactile brand touch that can be very effective as a marketing strategy.

Hybrid Events

As the lockdowns from the Coronavirus pandemic began to fade, hybrid events began to take precedence. Hybrid events are when there is a combination of a live event with those attending virtually. These hybrid events offer an immersive experience for all that encourages networking opportunities, sponsorships, and vendor engagement.

Conversational Marketing

This type of branding is a one-on-one conversation with your audience to improve the overall customer experience and increase sales. These conversations can happen in many ways including live chat, voice assistants, and chatbots. These methods bring on better communication with your customer base. As a result, conversational marketing is one of these digital marketing trends that’s on the rise.

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