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June 2022

Graphic design trends are more than just fads. They represent web designers’ creativity for new styles, as well as some nostalgic designs that are getting a new life. To reach your business goals, you must know what graphic design trends to watch. In this article, we will tell you about the most popular graphic design trends for 2022.

The Top 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2022


Escapism is a trend that brings the web user into a whole new fantastic world. Escapism is more than just a break from your reality but a world of inherent wonder and possibilities. The design is full of unusual colors, intriguing settings, and cool designs for characters. Escapism is the ultimate trend for web designers to expand their imaginations to nearly anything. This graphic design consists of mostly illustrations, but it can also be used for background patterns on websites, too.


Anti-design graphics have a design that focuses on usability above all else. This graphic design jettisons all the traditional design principles. This design is similar to Brutalism, where it incorporates clashing colors, stark typography, bare interfaces, and asymmetry. These designs are a favorite of many designers because they are vastly different from the typical beauty standards seen on other websites.


This design is a combination of the style of the ’90s sitcom Frasier and the word urbane. In 2022 Frasurbane has come into popularity with a balance between a sophisticated design and urban hipness. This design features muted colors, stately serifs , and design elements that are placed very carefully.

Extreme Bubbles

This web page design is where designers try to have some fun. This design consists of graphics and lettering that are round in shape. The bubble shapes are very appealing to website viewers and capture their attention. The features in this design also include not only bubble-like fonts and shapes but also exaggeration with elongated forms and even psychedelic colors.

Ukiyo-e Flat Design

This graphic design is inspired by Japan’s Edo Period. Graphic designers have been looking for ways to spark the flat vector artwork in digital design standards. The Ukiyo-e is a style of printed artwork that is painted or uses woodblocks that are carved by hand. This design depicts everyday scenes in stylized flatness that have an exaggerated sense of fluidity. Many graphic designers today are incorporating similar techniques to make these flat vector scenes come to life.


Remember back in 1999 when many people thought the world was going to come crashing down once the year 2000 came? Many graphic designers are trying to capture that sense of technological optimism that came after the imagined crisis had passed. Now many designers are reclaiming that early sense of optimism and excitement with Y2K-inspired designs. The website design features in this trend include low poly CGI, crude interfaces, and blues and other iridescent colors that remind people of the backside of compact disks.

Intricate Maximalism

This graphic design trend consists of filling in the web page design with many objects, colors, and patterns. The web designer concentrates on one individual piece in the design, while many other elements are added to represent the artist’s sometimes-clashing tastes. This design puts all aspects of an artist’s palate front and center, with many elements competing for the viewer’s attention.

Grunge Revival

This website design is a throwback to the early ’90s era of grunge music. It represents the grittiness of that wild era in American culture. The graphics are rebellious and include elements such as scribbly handwriting and torn pages that have a physical presence on the digital platform. The design also contains many other elements that include rough textures, shadowy imagery, ink trails and splotches, and collages that look almost thrown together haphazardly, creating a sense of movement and excitement that brings back the energy of this long-gone era.

Expressive and Experimental Lettering

This design creates forms in text that are expressive all on their own. The possibilities are limitless with this design as artsy experimentation is the key to the ultimate creativity. The many highlights in this graphic design include amorphous blobs, mismatched letter styles, abstract shapes, and readable letters. These designs are not bound by any specific language, as the experimentation with this text can convey meaning to many different cultures.

Parametric Patterns

This web design trend consists of parametric geometry. This staple of graphic design is used to break up solid colors on the page and add something interesting and appealing to web page backgrounds. These patterns also consist of intricate geometric structures, and the style is based upon graphs of parametric equations. The patterns are also three-dimensional and fluid, which gives them a sense of movement.

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