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May 2022

When launching a new business website, web designers must not only pay attention to current marketing trends, but also incorporate the latest design trends. In today’s highly technological world, these trends evolve constantly. Innovations are always on the horizon that incorporate trendy colors, retro designs, and animation.

For you to grow your business, you must have a trendy website design. In this article, we will tell you about the top web design trends of 2022. Be sure to find a reputable web design company that can help you develop the best website possible.

The Top Web Page Design Trends for 2022

A New and Trendy Color in 2022

It seems every year there is a new color that is popular with web design. For 2022, the color is “Very Peri.” This soft shade of blue is great for many reasons: It reflects our technologically advanced time, plus it is easier on the viewer’s eyes compared to bolder colors. Experts predict that “Veri Peri” will be incorporated into many websites as part of an overall branding scheme. Take a peek at some industry websites in 2022 and you are sure to see this pale shade of blue.

Retro Designs

While modern web designs are highly trendy, there is also a retro design trend happening this year. This is where web designers are looking to the past with a sense of nostalgia. This retro design trend is believed to increase significantly in 2022. eMany web designers are looking to transform these retro design tactics into designs for the future.

Large-Scale Animations

A great way to add some pizzazz to your website is by incorporating large-scale animations on the site. In the past, web designers tended to use smaller-scale animations or page transitions. However, recently the web design trend has shifted toward animation on a larger scale.

These animations are responsible for increased engagement and conversions to websites. Designers can implement these animations in many bespoke ways for the overall web page design. This animation can be used to create a unique experience for the site visitor with these engaging interactives that draw people in to discover more about your business. 

 Moving Typography

The days of static text are over. Today’s web design trend is moving typography. This typography not only relays the site information, but also creates an experience that resonates with the user. This innovative and immersive text is easy for the viewer to become engaged on the site.

A Better Scrolling Experience

Most web page viewers do not think too much about scrolling text on a website or how it could be better. Web designers are looking to bring innovations to scrolling for a more responsive web design and a better user experience overall.

There are many ways to make the interaction of scrolling a better user experience. These include animation and 3D effects. One innovation of note is the parallax effect. This is a special scrolling effect where the foreground and background move to create the illusion of depth on the screen. Many web page viewers are intrigued by this design and enjoy the web page experience.

Handmade Designs

Another great website design trend is do-it-yourself, handmade designs. The dependency on technology innovations has caused a few consumers to fear that all the tech takes away from the authenticity of the website. One way to remedy this is to incorporate human contact and handmade artwork into web page designs. These handmade designs vary from paint and crayon-like designs to doodles and cutouts. These handmade graphics can increase engagement with users on your website. The possibilities are endless with what you can display on your website with these handmade graphics. These personal designs on your site can also make you stand out from your competitors.

Neo-Brutalism Designs

Brutalism is a past architectural movement where the design is brutal and bold. Experts predict that neo-Brutism will be another web design trend in 2022. The many features in this web design include unfiltered photos, asymmetrical layouts, and unstyled HTML. This striking design is sure to catch the viewer’s eye with a mixture of minimalism and raw and rugged designs.

Keep in touch with your web design company that will have you updated on the latest web design trends and graphic design services. The designers can show you how to grow your business with website management innovations.

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