Inner Works Pro

June 2021

Your business website is a key element to creating a brand identity. When you begin working on your business website, you want to make the best impression possible for new viewers.

What You Want Your Website to Say About Your Brand

Brand management and responsive web design need to be worked on simultaneously in order for the website to send the best possible brand identity message to potential new customers. Below is a list of positive traits of a successful business branding website.

Your Brand Has Visual Appeal

Your well-designed website makes your brand have visual appeal. The graphic design of your landing page will determine if the user stays on the site for a while or will it be an immediate “bounce”. A bounce is when a new site visitor is not intrigued by the website and leaves the page altogether after a few seconds. 

A study conducted by Nielsen found that the majority of website visitors spend most of their page time “above the fold”. This is an industry term that defines the section a web page visitor sees first without scrolling down the page. The best websites will have all relevant information and appealing visual graphics in this area of the page.

Your Brand Cares About User Experience

The first impression of a brand and its website, whether it’s fantastic or terrible, will always stay with the user. You will need a well-thought-out homepage that has the best possible user experience. 

If your website has a great user experience, it will tell the audience what you think of them. The audience will get the impression that their needs were considered when the design and features of the website were created with them in mind. Take any feedback the users may have about the site experience and incorporate that information into improving the visitor experience.

Your Brand Has Well-Written Content

The written content is one of the most important elements of a business website. The site should have content that is well researched and adds value to the consumer’s decision-making process. If your site contains well-written and intriguing content, it will bring in new web traffic and return visitors. 

The visual content on a website is also becoming a more in-demand experience for new users. You can add relevant GIFs, infographics, and illustrations that can convey your company’s message. Make sure that you combine your compelling content with call-to-action buttons on your site. This will help drive your users to conversion over time.

Your Brand has a Consistent Brand Identity

In case you wonder why brand consistency is important, it’s because consumers want a brand they can trust. The consistency in your brand begins immediately after you establish the customer’s connection. The customer expects this consistency now that they have made the financial (and sometimes emotional) investment in the brand.

Your Brand Provides A Key Takeaway for Every User

Give your website visitors a reason to come back with some kind of takeaway. You must try to think of something for the user to learn or experience on your site. If there is some innovation in your industry, put information about it on your site. If you have a new product or service, prominently display it where the information can be easily found on your page. This is a great way to entice new visitors to convert to a new customer. 

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