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May 2022

Many small business owners are looking for something that can draw new users to your website. One way to do this is through dynamic content. In this article, we will discuss what dynamic content is and how you can use it to increase your brand awareness, website conversions, and, most importantly, your bottom line.

What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is a component of a web page or email marketing that changes according to your audience’s interest. These changes are based on three factors. The first is what is known as in-session behavior, such as purchases from the website and how long the user spends on the site. The user data is when your content changes based on things such as past engagement metrics. Lastly, the user characteristics such as demographics can dictate content. Dynamic content can be a powerful tool that can increase conversions to your website.

How Does Dynamic Content Help Your Website?

There are numerous benefits when you incorporate dynamic content on your website.

  • Your Business Becomes More Relevant
    The first impression customers get of your website will last for a long time. When you present relevant offers to your users, it will increase your website conversions. Also, it will decrease the dreaded bounce rate. The “bounce” is when a new visitor will lose interest in your website quickly because there is not intriguing content to keep them on the site, so they bounce or leave the page.
  • The Ability to Create Personalized Experiences
    When consumers can relate to you, it establishes trust. Dynamic content can show your potential customers that there is a human element behind the website. When people can relate to you through similar experiences, it can lead to a great business relationship.
  • It is Instantaneous
    Today web designers can load dynamic content quickly and easily through personalization technology. Since it is so easy to add this dynamic content to your site, you should take the opportunity to display the best you have of yourself and your brand.

Examples of Dynamic Content

  • Create Personalized Shopping Recommendations through an E-commerce Website
    This data is based solely on past purchases, and recommendations are made for similar products and services.
  • Personalized Offers Based on Customer LifecycleYour returning customers are treated differently than your first-time visitors. Therefore, your returning customers are significantly more profitable. A recent poll discovered that returning visitors added cart items an incredible 65.16% more than first-time visitors and converted nearly 74% more than first-time visitors.
  • Context-Based Pop-ups
    Pop-ups are becoming very popular with e-commerce websites. In fact, the most effective pop-ups are dynamic where they react to your customers’ website actions and act accordingly. These pop-ups can vary from offers specifically for first-time visitors, exit intent pop-ups, “save my cart” campaigns, and cart abandonment pop-ups.
  • Geographic Customer Segmentation
    You can create personal content based on geography. When you discover where your customers live, you can create relevant offers that are tailored to their region. The offers can be anything from local eateries, events, or anything else relevant. For instance, if you are targeting an audience in the Philadelphia area, you can send them offers for the city’s world-famous cheesesteaks.

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