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November 2021

In order to get your business up and running and get the consumer’s attention, you must have an intriguing website. You not only have to have a responsive web design, but you must have content and visuals to get the attention of users.
In this article, we will focus on graphic design and the current trends in website design.

Current Web Design Trends

Web Design Trends And Things to Look Out For

Publish Quality Content

When you have intriguing content, your audience will be more motivated to share it or engage with it. Your website visitors have a short attention span; it’s important to create interesting content that will invite them to learn more about you. If you don’t manage to pique their interest, these potential new subscribers may click away from your site.

Discuss Topics That Are Current and Relevant

When you publish content that keeps up with current trends in your industry, you can establish your company’s authority. It’s also a good idea to mix in some ‘evergreen’ content on your blog as well. This approach means having content that will be relevant for a long time and not just connected to a specific event or date.

Incorporate Keyword Phrases into Your Content

Do your research and find specific keyword phrases that are relevant to your content. Insert the chosen keyword or phrase into your content several times in the text where it fits into the context. Make sure to have it properly spread out within the prose so the writing still flows naturally.  

Aim for one main key phrase per page if you can. Search engine rankings do not happen as easily if multiple keyword phrases are too similar or competing on the same page. Where you place these relevant keywords can make a difference in your potential SEO rankings. Try to see if your chosen keyphrase would fit into that specific page URL, your page headings or subheadings, or the page title itself.

Place Relevant Links on Your Website

Part of making your website more user-friendly is adding more ways a user can read and learn about your brand. One of the ways you can do that is by inserting relevant links within your text on your blog. 

Whether you’re adding internal or external links, you can insert the link on an anchor text phrase and increase the search engine value for that URL. Therefore, this link will become a keyword phrase for searches as opposed to just simply having a link that has ‘click here’, which brings absolutely nothing as far as search engine rankings for your page and the page contained in the link.

Evaluate and Update Your Metadata

  • Multimedia Experiences
    Faster internet speeds have led to an increase of multimedia experiences on websites. These experiences bring together visuals, video, and text for a great user experience.

    These multimedia experiences can be complex to create and execute.Your best bet at first is to hire a web design company to help you with this campaign. They can also design the multimedia to fit your brand and handle all the technical aspects, as well. When you use multimedia experiences effectively, it can help you in many ways.

  • Parallax Scroll Animations
    These optical illusions seen in daily life are all over the web. This parallax effect is how the animation on the page looks very real but unreal at the same time.

  • Horizontal and Other Scrolling Methods
    There are now new ways to scroll through a website beside the typical up and down. Now there are scroll animations, scrollytelling, and horizontal scrolling.

  • 3D Visuals Everywhere
    Virtual reality meets reality with great 3D illustrations and visuals. Designs are always looking to find a new 3D element to explore, from animations to scenes and illustrations.

  • Retro Fonts
    Older fonts that were currently out of style are getting a revamp by graphic designers. You can get a revision of a vintage font with a newer look.

Trends to Look Out For

  • Videos Featured on Your Website
    Videos have become an important element in website design. New technology has made it easy to create intriguing videos that can deliver a significant amount of information to the customer in a relatively short time.

  • Organic Shapes
    Only two years ago, geometric shapes were the thing in graphic design. In 2021, more fluid or organic shapes are the trend. The shapes can be those that occur in nature, such as a river or a lake. These fluid shapes can help divide sessions of your website without those hard lines.

  • Dark Mode
    This feature is one of the most popular trends in 2021. The contrast in dark mode is so low that you can easily browse in most low-light settings.

Inner Works Pro can help you with all your website development and website design needs that can take your business to the next level. Contact us today for a consultation on our web development services.

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