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May 2021

These days, every business can leverage social media posts to boost their search engine optimization (SEO). Increasing your company’s visibility on Google and other search engine rankings is crucial for raising brand awareness and connecting with potential customers. However, there’s an overwhelming challenge in keeping your company at the top of the search rankings.

New content is getting published on a regular basis. According to data from WorldOMeter, it is estimated that approximately five million marketing blog posts are published every single day worldwide. When you realize that some of this published content is from your direct competition, that makes this task even more paramount. You must keep your business in a high visibility mode all the time.

Learning and mastering social media management is key to boosting your search engine optimization for your business website. Although social media sharing may not directly increase your SEO, it can help improve your search rankings. And when your rankings increase on your business website, it can potentially bring more traffic and potential new customers. Discover how social media can work with SEO, as well as some tips to improve your rankings.

The Best SEO Methods to Increase SEO Rankings

With every social post, your goal is to make content sharing simple for your audience. Add Share buttons to your website for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. This will make it easier for your reader to share it with their social media contacts with just one click. When your audience shares your quality content, it can increase your exposure, leading to increased visibility and generating backlinks to your content.

Evaluate and Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

Make sure that your social media profiles are consistent across all channels. Consumers want to be able to recognize a brand or business instantly. This also means that all of these social media platforms must route back to your blog or website and brand.

Discover the Best Social Media Platforms for Increasing SEO


Facebook is the top social media platform and the third-ranked internet site overall, coming in just behind Google and YouTube. Search engines like Google also crawl and index links on Facebook. This allows Google to find more content for indexing, especially posts and comments on Facebook. This means, your social posts are working to increase your search engine optimization.


When you create content on Quora, you can drive significant traffic to your site. Web users ask questions on Google searches, and these queries align with the topic on Quora. If your content is featured on the platform, users can be directed to your website with a link to find more in-depth information. This platform has had 27.6 million Google keyword rankings last year plus a high number of organic search traffic in the tens of millions.


Medium is a content publishing platform, and another opportunity to increase the number of visitors to your website. You can publish many different kinds of blog content here including republished articles and personal, original content. Medium has an audience of over 154 million unique visitors every month. Creating a profile and publishing on Medium is one of the best ways to widen your audience and boost your SEO.


Pinterest is a highly popular social media platform for businesses and consumers alike. An estimated two billion searches are conducted on the site every month. This platform can also be used as a search engine. When your pins and profile are optimized, this helps drive traffic to your site. The majority of Pinterest users also make purchasing decisions through this platform.


Twitter can also be used in tandem with Google to increase traffic. When you share a relevant and engaging post on Twitter, add relevant hashtags to the post. When hashtags are included, it can draw more attention to the post to enable users to find your content quickly. If this content gets shared with more frequency on the platform, this increases your SEO ranking.


As a way to generate new leads on an individual and business-to-business level, LinkedIn is the best social media platform. LinkedIn has become the place where 94% of B2B marketers will post their content, and 90% of marketers will use the platform to generate leads. 

When you use LinkedIn for SEO, your profile will appear in search results especially if you add relevant keywords to it. Your LinkedIn profile will also appear on search engines if someone searches for your name or business.

Learn More about Improving Your Online Presence

When you use your social media posts to increase your search engine optimization, your business exposure will rise to the next level. We can help grow your business with the proper guidance and support. Contact Inner Works Pro today to get started.

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